Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Episode 5 [Anime Review]

Welcome, one and all, to my continuing episodic review series for the yuri anime, Inugami-San to Nekoyama-San. Episode 5 is titled Nekoyama-san and Karaoke, which sounds fun on paper. Was it in practice? Let’s find out!

All About The Kitty

This was very much a Nekoyama episode. It all began with Inugai inviting Aki to karaoke, and Nekoyama realizing that she’s the only one in the group not to have done it before. She confided her embarrassment in Nezu, and the mouse offered to take her to karaoke herself so that she could get her first time out of the way. After all, they are the Alliance of Small Creatures.

From there, we entered the realm of boundaries. You see, with only one mic working, Nezu had to share Nekoyama’s mic, which resulted in them getting very close. Nekoyama’s reaction was actually quite adorably framed. She did the full-blown pushing into the corner, cat paw hands etc. Nezu did explain that she would need to expect this sort of thing with Inugami though, as dogs may appear smart, but are actually quite impulsive. The episode ended with Inugami demanding to go with Nekoyama next time.

So, like I said, Nekoyama’s reactions this episode were dead cute. They really played up on the over the top cat reactions, and that helped it along a fair bit. I also liked that they ended up singing the anime closing theme. One thing that I thought was pretty weird though was when Nekoyama said that rock isn’t her thing because anything with stringed instruments makes her depressed, and Nezu put it down to her being a cat. My cat, Yoroichi, is actually a fan of Lacuna Coil. I’m not joking about that. You play ‘Falling’ by the band and she’s there, staring at where the sound is coming from and purring.


Another short-form slice of fun from the girls with animal names. Honestly, I think that what this series does best is embrace what it is. It doesn’t try to be fancy visually and doesn’t try to be overly clever with the script. It just sits happily as a cute but silly series.

But what about yourselves? Have you seen this show? What did you make of this episode? Let me know below!


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