Beastars Episode 11 [Anime Review]

Welcome, one all, to my continuing, episodic review series for Beastars. With episode 11, we’re picking up where things left off, with Legosi is the middle of trying to save Haru! Let’s talk about what happened.

I Will Be Your Beast – He Will Be Your Saviour

After a brief trip back to school, we cut straight back into Legosi fighting Boss Lion. Honestly, it seemed like Legosi was going to lose this one until he managed to land a hard knee strike that prompted Boss Lion to tell him that they should end the fight. Legosi powered up and, moving at speed, was able to leap onto Boss Lion and force him to the floor, where he tore a chunk of flesh out his shoulder. Now free, he and Haru started to leave.

But Boss Lion was still alive. He knew that Legosi intentionally missed his vital organs and was going to teach him that naïve kindness can be fatal. Before he could shoot Legosi from afar, another gun shot rang out and he turned to be faced with Louis. Louis forced his own gun into Boss Lion’s throat, made him plead for his life, and shot him dead. That drew the attention of two more Lions who confronted Louis. Louis gave them his product number, told them to show their appreciation as they eat him, and started laughing.

Okay, so this went by really quickly. The battle was exciting, and Legosi’s decision not to kill fits with his general lifestyle. Louis though surprised me. He stepped up and took the step that Legosi couldn’t. In a way, that feels like a pretty solid symbol of the two overall. Louis has always been doing what he needs to to move forward, while Legosi has always held back. After all we’ve seen of him in the last few episodes though, I kinda hope Louis manages to walk away from this.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Legosi and Haru missed the last train home and had to stay at…a love hotel. There was a whole ton of adorable awkwardness here, and in the end, Legosi finally came clean. He pulled Haru into the same position he had held her in at the start of the series and confessed what he’d done. Haru, it turns out, sort of knew. She didn’t really suspect him but there were time she felt like it was the case. Which had left her confused about him too. That confession allowed them to come together though.

There was a beautifully subtle moment here. Legosi had Haru in the exact position he held her in before when he confessed. When Haru began to talk though, she changed her hand positions, moving them from trapped, to gently holding Legosi’s arm. It was a sign of trust, and of her being more in control this time, I think. Really subtle, but really well done. I also loved the shot of them in the present and past side by side, using the their reflection as a mirror for the past.

Is It Wrong To Feel This Way?

Two scenes fit this motif. One is more comedic: one of the teachers spoke to Legosi’s friends about him being a delinquent. Both he and Haru were missing and when they found his backpack, it contained guides on how to interact with rabbits and small animals in general. She actually called the prospect of them being together abnormal and foul.

Then, back at the love hotel, things almost got steamy. Legosi and Haru kinda fumbled around each other in a fairly authentic feeling ‘first time’ sorta way. But it all went wrong. As Legosi leaned in, Haru leaped forward and jammed her arm in his mouth. She panicked because she instinctively tried to get in his mouth. The episode ended with her pondering that this must be her rabbit DNA reprimanding her and telling her that the relationship is utterly wrong.

Beastars does such a good job of balancing the fantastical element of its anthro setting and the real world strife of teenage relationships, and this is no different. The instinctual side of it all makes sense given the pair’s species, but at the same time, the feeling it’s wrong is very much linked to societal reactions. The teacher’s scene was meant to be comedic, but it really does demonstrate how it would be viewed in general. You need only look at how other characters have reacted to see that echoed. That’s going to be an obstacle for them both, as they’re both playing into what people expect of them.


This was a really good penultimate episode. It provided a good mix of action and the ever-present emotional beats that I’ve come to expect. Now, I’m left eager to find out if Louis survived, and if Legosi and Haru can overcome their instincts.

But what about yourselves? Did you enjoy this episode, and do you agree with my interpretation of the story so far? Let me know in the comments below.


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