The Fear Ritual

The Fear Ritual

The Fear Ritual
Genre: Visual Novel / Horror / Yuri
Release Date: 13 March 2020
Publisher: Matt Doyle Media
Length: 30 minutes approx
Sex Content: N/A
Keywords: lesbian, yuri, horror, linear, short, visual novel.
Built With: Vroid Studio, TyranoBuilder
Available For: Windows, macOS

Not all internet horror stories are made up…
Kiyoko can read people’s emotions. It’s not always clear, but she can  usually understand what she’s feeling. But there’s one person she will never read: her best friend Sayuri. Kiyoko has been in love with Sayuri since they first met, and she fears rejection. Why intrude on her inner most thoughts when she could well be getting ready to turn Kiyoko down, right? It’d be even worse now that Sayuri is dealing  with being dumped by her girlfriend by shutting her friends out!
But, Kiyoko has an idea. Sayuri loves ghosts and urban legends.   So, what better way to cheer her up than to invite her, their friend Yuji , and his boyfriend Haru to sneak into their school on a Saturday night and perform an internet fear ritual?
But…not all internet horror stories are made up….and Izanagi, the Lord of the Flickering Flames, may prove to be all too real.





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