Beastars Episode 8 [Anime Review]

Welcome, one all, to my continuing, episodic review series for Beastars. With episode 8, Juno is flung straight into the middle of things, and we get to see two big clashes of world view. Let’s talk about what happened.

A Wolf And A Rabbit

Legosi was really trying hard this week, but my word, he is still so awkward around Haru. From gasping when he saw her looking at him, to failing to tell her the truth about what happened, he’s just not good at letting things out. The pair did broach the gap between them a little though.

Legosi outright stated that they’re so different he doesn’t know how to act. Meanwhile, Haru pointed out that he could never understand the feelings of an animal that spends every day one step away from death. It’s a very cold viewpoint and one that really cements the different places they are, simply due to species. For Legosi, all he really has to worry about is normal teen stuff. For Haru, every day is potentially her last in a very real way.

Despite this though, they do look out for each other. Legosi is clearly frustrating for Haru, but she still wants to be around him. She still says that being with him doesn’t make her feel close to death. She still tries to cheer him up and help him. And in return, Legosi goes running to find her when the lights are cut, worried that she’ll be eaten.

I really felt for him in those closing moments though. After running off to be her saviour, Haru threw into his legs and cried Louis’ name. They both responded very differently to this. Legosi reverted to form, smiling and carrying on as if nothing happened. Haru though lost her normal brashness. She was mortified with her mistake and apologized constantly. That’s an interesting turnaround for her, especially when you consider that she was telling him to pick one and either be brash or sensitive.

I think what’s happening here is that Haru is beginning to find Legosi to be disarming. Meanwhile, realizing that he may not have a shot, Legosi is simply going back into himself. What they need is one moment when they both disarm each other. Then the truth will come out and their relationship, whatever it may turn out to be, will either sink or swim. I hope swim. The moments like Legosi’s moment of being proud were sweet and I’d like to see more of them.

A Wolf And Her Prey

Juno was given more time this week, and how you take her may vary. She could be focused. Or obsessive.

She turned up late for club – she’d been helping a sloth to the toilet – but her presence unites the club members. At the very least the males. Louis picks up on this, perhaps feeling an ego dent in how she inspired unity when he didn’t, and questions Shiira, as shed told him Junpo was the hopeless type. It turns out, she’s been working hard recently and really come through.

Anyway, after club, Juno was cleaning up, and Louis approached her on his own. She asked for some help with practice and he agreed, noting when she was a little rough with the movements. He mentioned to her that as long as she looks like she’s enjoying herself, the men will probably be happy. He gave a slightly disingenuous sounding apology for being discriminatory, and Juno responded in an unexpected way.

She pushed Louis down and held him in place, saying that she knows he hates her. Or maybe he hates all carnivores. This is where the two had their clash of views. Louis immediately assumes she’s trying to sneak a kiss, while she has other ideas. She is making a declaration of war: she will become the next Beastar and make a peaceful era for carnivores. And then, Legosi will be hers.

Louis got her to calm down a little and she pointed out that she hates conflict and would never bare her fangs at him. He says that’s not true for other greedy females though. While there’s nothing wrong with her greed, hers is born of self-confidence. Beauty, social status, and men; she’s thinking about how to get them all. He says he’ll give her the first, but not the second. And the third, Legosi, is even harder to handle than she thinks.

It’s here that the obsession comes into play as she swears she’ll turn Legosi around, and Louis simply tells her to try keeping an eye on him to see what he means. That prompts Juno to be a little more forward. She thanks Legosi for her private lessons, right in front of everyone, but notes that his facial expression in response is the same one he gives everyone. So, she tries to spell it out and ask him out on a date…but before she can finish, the lights go out.

When Legosi runs off to find Haru, she follows and watches from afar. She initially thinks that the idea of the two being together is ridiculous, but then she sees the way he smiles at her compared to how he is with everyone else. Juno is shocked.

In a way, I think Juno is a representation of the prevailing worldview and a slight pushback against it. She understands that carnivores don’t have the best reputation and is trying to create something better. At the same time though, she can’t help but view the idea of Legosi and Haru as strange. Is that conditioning about society, jealousy, or both? Time will tell.

I do like her though. She’s driven, certainly, and adds a whole different dynamic to the core cast. Hopefully, there will be a happy ending for her.

What Happens Next?

At this point, I’m not certain. The conspiracy theory fan in me makes me think Louis set up the lights going out. He had already left when it happened and absolutely picked up on Legosi having a personal problem with him. Could he have cut the lights to get Legosi running to Haru and in turn force Juno to act?

We know he wants to be the next Beastar, and is under considerable pressure to achieve that goal. He also now has a true rival in Juno, and given his ability to manipulate, it isn’t inconceivable that he set this up to shift her focus.

Juno I suspect will confront Haru. And Haru won’t know why because she doesn’t view Legosi quite as strongly as he views her. It’s gonna get interesting, I think.




This was another strong effort from the series. Juno getting some shine was definitely a good thing, and when you combine that with Legosi and Haru’s difficulties, it opens up some interesting potentials. It’s just a shame there are only four more episodes to go after this.

But what about yourselves? Did you enjoy this episode, and do you agree with my interpretation of the story so far? Let me know in the comments below.


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