Vote To Turn My Book Into A Film!

Vote now and my book could be optioned for film or TV!

That’s right, thanks to the folks over at TaleFlick Discovery, I have the chance to get Addict, the first book in my lesfic sci-fi / crime noir series, The Cassie Tam Files in front of film & TV studios!

So, do you want to see more queer stories by LGBTQ authors optioned? Does a book described as ‘Sam Spade meets Blade Runner’ and ‘Hardboiled Detective Cyberpunk’ sound like a good option for Film and TV to you? Are you not overly bothered, but are happy to help me out?

If so, CLICK HERE to go to the TaleFlick Discovery site and give Addict a vote! The public vote runs from 10:00am PST Wednesday 19th to 04:00pm PST Friday 21st February, so there’s not long to get the votes in. Oh, and please do feel free to share the post too, the more traction I can get, the more likely I am to get to the top of the list!

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