Anubis: Dog Of Death 1 – Anubis Gets Adopted [Comic Review]

Note: Review copy supplied by the author


Anubis: Dog Of Death 1 – Anubis Gets Adopted
Story: Sindre Lyngbø Finnøy
Art: John Barry Ballaran
While he was once a powerful being, he now spends his days as a purse dog.


Issue one of the action-comedy Anubis: Dog Of Death is now going through a Kickstarter campaign to fund print issues of the comic. With that being the case, I agreed to review an electronic copy of the issue. And the comic is every bit as light-hearted and fun as it sounds.

We see early on that Anubis has become a small dog. He still remembers his glory days, bringing forth destruction in ancient Egypt, of course. But now he finds himself locked in a cage, waiting to be adopted. Lucky for him, a ditzy young lady named Chloe comes along and, after a few failed attempts at mind manipulation, Anubis convinces her to spring him and name him Anubis. From there, we get to meet the current forms of Thor and Jesus and see the little pup attempt to return to his past form.

The story is silly but in a good way. I enjoyed seeing the different deities and how they have or haven’t adapted to their current states, and the humour is more than enough to raise a giggle or two. Best of all, the preview pages included in my copy show that it’s going to remain consistent in that regard too.

The art itself has a very Western feel to it and makes use of subtle, limited shading for the most part. The key characters are expressive too, with Anubis showing plenty of humanized doggy faces. I quite liked too that the art makes it clear that things were more chaotic in the past, when deities openly walked among us, while the modern time is a different type of hustle and bustle.

In all, this was a fun read. The art feels very clean, the writing is good, and the concept is fun. If you’re looking for an easy read that might make you smile, this is an easy 4 out of 5. Want to see more? Head over to the author’s website to see some preview pages. You can also check out the Kickstarter trailer below.

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