Beastars Episode 4

Welcome, one and all, to my continuing episodic review series for the anthro anime, Beastars. Today, I’m watching episode four, Let The Holy Grail Soak. Episode three ended with Louis collapsing. How will that affect day two of the drama club performances? Let’s find out!

A Change Of Hart

See what I did there? ‘Cause Louis is a deer? *ahem*

Anyway, while Legosi and Bill were given much of the screen time, this felt like an important one for Louis. He started the episode in the nurse’s office, and was given the news that he wouldn’t be able to take part in the second performance. He gave the role to Bill, who had previously played the final villain, which resulted in Legosi being cast in Bill’s place. That was a fun scene too, with Legosi hiding them going full on sad dog.

Now, Louis here initially shows some emotion. He hates that his fellow club members pitied him. I do wonder if that’s part of why he chose Bill to replace him. Bill is a big, bulky tiger. He’s physically strong, and not afraid to show it. That mirrors how Louis wants to feel, I think.

When talking with Bill later, he explained that Legosi annoyed him. For all his natural strength, he chooses to be one of the weak, and as a deer, that disgusts him. That’s an important point, because it plays into the natural order of hunter and prey. In the wild, Legosi would be the strong one and Louis simply another meal. That he has to fight to be at the top and Legosi squanders his natural role upsets him. It shows not only Louis’ drive, but his feelings about the world.

Then, it all changes. To a point. When Bill and Legosi get into a real fight, Louis is the one that steps in. He breaks it up, live on stage, and accepts Legosi as being in the right. Part of this will be because Legosi did show some of his natural strength, of course. I think Louis’ statement that ‘his path is just’ was also an indicator that he accepts Legosi’s choices as right here. It’s like he understands that Legosi chooses not to be a hunter without just cause.

This was a good episode for the would-be Beastar.

Embracing Your Nature

Legosi was the other main star. Early on, while sparring with Bill, the tiger tells him that there’s no reason the carnivores can’t be in the spotlight, and tomorrow they’ll show how bright someone can shine with their strength on full display. A wolf and tiger don’t need fancy theatrics for a fight scene.

Now, aside from this is making me think even more that Bill is the murderer, this was interesting. Bill had no idea how true that final statement would turn out to be. The eky thing though is that it leaves Legosi wondering how he and Bill can both be carnivores but think so differently. It doesn’t deter Legosi from being who is, which is a good message: we all have similarities, but that doesn’t mean aren’t all individuals.

Later on though, Legosi does show what he can do when pushed. He smells something familiar on Bill and discovers that eh has a vial of rabbit blood. This, thanks to his attraction to – and guilt about hurting – Haru, causes Legosi to get genuinely angry. The result is a fist fight.

There really were no theatrics. Legosi just floored Bill and started laying in the punches, doing some real damage. It wasn’t enough though. The physically larger managed to get back up and start ripping marks across Legosi’s back, realizing that he must have hurt a rabbit too at some point. It was Legosi’s actions that caused the vial of blood to roll in front of Louis though, and so prompt the injured deer to step in. In the end, Legosi joined Louis on stage to get some applause, though he still didn’t know how to take it all.

I think that Legosi is actually pretty confused socially. He’s naturally friendly, but struggles to understand when people feel differently to him. He seems to look for things to hang on to as similarities, whether it be someone being a carnivore, or hanging his coat on accepting public views of him. His arc is certainly an interesting one, and I’m looking forward to seeing him come more and more into himself.


In some ways, this episode covered less ground than the previous three. It seemed to zoom in on Louis and Legosi more than any other stories, and just nudge them along a little. It was an exciting one though! It also leaves a few burning questions hanging: will there be consequences for Bill? And if so, how will that in turn come back on Legosi and Louis?

So, those were my thoughts. But what about yourselves? Did you enjoy this episode? Do you agree or disagree with any of my observations? Let me know in the comments below.


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