Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 23 [Comic Review]

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 23
IDW Publishing
Story: Ian Flynn
Art: Jack lawrence
Colours: Matt Herms
“The Last Minute,” Part Three! Sonic has been infected by the Metal Virus, and so far the only thing keeping him from going full-on zombot is his incredible speed… but how long can that last? As Sonic pushes himself to his limits gathering data for Tails, he comes face-to-face with the one problem more important than the Metal Virus: its creator, Dr. Eggman.


While both Nathalie Fourdraine (Cover RI) and the team of Tracy Yardley and Bracardi Curry (Cover B) do some excellent work this month, it’s Priscilla Tramontano#s Cover A that really shines. Featuring some crisp outlines and a modern feeling colour palette, it’s a beautiful piece that really screams ‘comic cover’.

The internal art is also well done, with Matt Herms on fine form with his colour work. Meanwhile, Jack Lawrence’s art is certainly interesting. He utilizes thicker outlines than the other series regulars, and this makes it clearly his when you see it. In terms of body shapes and facial expression, he’s absolutely on par with the other artists too, which makes for a good combo.

The story here is, much like the last two issues, designed to set up the final issue of the year. Sonic is in a bad way but is in full-on hero mode as he tackles Dr. Eggman. With the Metal Virus running out of control, we also get to see Dr. Starline advance his plan with the Zeti. Interestingly, the villainous newcomer reveals himself to not be as naïve as he first appeared either. In the long-run, that sets him up as a potentially strong rival for Dr. Eggman.

Overall, this is about as Sonic as you can get. The characters feel very much like themselves, and Ian Flynn has managed to progress the main story while still keeping an eye on the future. The action fits well within the world, and everything is moving smoothly. While it does move things forward, there are still a lot of individual plot points to deal with, which may leave the final part of the story needing to rush through things, but we shall see. This was very enjoyable though and gets a solid 4 out of 5 from me.

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