OVW TV 1060 [Wrestling Review]

OVW TV 1060

On commentary this week are Gilbert Corsey and Bruce Snyder.

Maximus Khan def. Tony Gunn

This one follows on from last week’s confrontation and is Maximus’ first match back from injury. The match itself was fairly even, and both guys worked hard to repay the crowd for their response to them. While Gunn was undoubtedly the star, Maximus came out of it looking good too. In the end, Maximus got off to a winning return, albeit not in the way he’d have wanted. The OVW Heavyweight Champion Justin Smooth ran in and jumped Maximus, causing the DQ.

Two Kings / A Brutal Legacy / The Real Deal

After the match, Smooth and Gunn beat Maximus down. The assault included Smooth whipping Maximus with his trouser belt while Gunn held him down. Eventually, Smooth’s next challenger – and Maximus’ brother – Leonis Khan ran in for the save to end a hot angle.

Backstage, The legacy of Brutality was hanging out. Ca$h Flo cut a promo on his opponent in tonight’s main event: Jax Dane. It was short, to the point, and put over how confident Ca$h is heading into what should be a great big man match.

Randall Floyd came out and cut a good heel promo, running down Dustin Jackson. He hyped up their upcoming Last Man Standing Cage Match at Christmas Chaos and demanded he gets a warm-up Last man Standing Match tonight. Floyd came across well here and is flourishing in his role as a heel.

Last Man Standing Match: Randall Floyd and Franco Vargo – No Contest

Poor old Franco never had a chance, even with the fans chanting his name. Randall gave Franco a low blow before the bell, then went outside and grabbed a chair. He smacked Franco over the back, then gave Dustin Jackson the same treatment when he tried to make the save. The ring crew flooded the ring to break it up, leaving Randall standing tall.

This was more of an angle than a match, but it served its purpose well. The upcoming clash should give a nice ending to the Jackson/Floyd feud, and based on their performances so far, they’ll both be moving on to big things. Good stuff.

Dane Town / Rushing Ahead

Backstage, Jax Dane cut a promo on The Legacy of Brutality, calling them bullies. Much like Ca$h’s promo, this was short and to the point.

Back in the ring, Commissioner Dean Hill had the Collar x Elbow sponsored Rush Title Belt. He reminded us that the first champion will be crowned at Christmas Chaos in a Ladder Cage Match. This lead to a six-man scramble match featuring the competitors scheduled for the match.

Nigel def. AJ Daniels, D’mone, KTD, William Lutz and Sam Thompson [w/Dapper Dan]

Though the rules mean that all six men can be in the ring at the same time, this quickly became a run of short single matches. They kept the pace quick, but things felt fairly disjointed. The cage and ladder stipulations at the big show should keep that in check though, and I expect that to be a lot crazier. Nigel got the win here, pinning Sam Thompson after AJ Daniels botched a 450 splash.

Khan Do Attitude / Shannon Killed The Radio Star

Backstage, Leonis was very angry. He swore that he was going to beat Justin’s ass for what he did to Maximus. This was good, making it clear that this one was personal.

We then saw some security camera footage of Steve Rummage working out at the gym. Shannon The Dude attacked him, choking him with his own weights. This was a good way to build up the rematch.

Jax Dane def. Ca$h Flo

The bell rang, and both guys started laying in hard strikes and clotheslines. That pretty much set the tone for this one, as it was essentially a non-stop run of big men doing big men things. Unfortunately, the match didn’t last long, as once Jax nailed an impressive toss off the top rope, the rest of The Legacy of Brutality ran in to cause the DQ. This was good while it lasted, but it’s a shame we didn’t get more.

Christmas Chas Ensues!

After the match, The LoB put the boots in to Jax Dane. Dime and Corey Storm then ran in to make the save, but they too were overwhelmed by the numbers game. Just as things were looking bad for the faces, Mahabali Shera ran in and got into it with Ca$h Flo and Jay Bradley. A heated mass brawl ensued. This was an effective angle, that should set up an 8-Man match.

Meanwhile, backstage, Randall Floyd and Dustin Jackson were also in the midst of a brawl. Finally, Justin Smooth got to close out the show with a short but strong promo on Leonis.



This was an interesting show. There were far too many run-ins for my taste, and the results were a little repetitive in that regard. That being said, the angles and promo were all enjoyable, and the matches didn’t disappoint. I get the impression it was supposed to be a full-blown representation of the chaos that needs to be contained by the cage at the upcoming show. Worth a watch though, definitely.

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