December 2nd – 8th, 2019 Round-Up

Welcome, one and all, to the new weekly round-up! We’ve got plenty to go through, so let’s dive right into it.

Looking Back

We’re going to start with the run-down of posts that went live last week, split by category and sorted alphabetically:


Anime – Season Reviews

Soul Eater Complete Series [Anime Review]

Books (Spotlights and Guest Posts)

Back Door Into Purgatory by Rory ni Coileain [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Urban Fantasy]

Evolution by L.J. Hasbrouck [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Horror]

His Unexpected Mate by T.L. West [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Paranormal]

Rialto by Jecelynn Drake & RInda Elliott [Cover Reveal]

My Projects

November 25th – 30th, 2019 Round-Up

TV & Films

Horror-On-Sea Film Festival Line Up Announced


OVW TV 1058 [Wrestling Review]


Meanwhile, some old favourites were getting some love too. In fact, you could say, the number of older posts getting some attention was magical. Okay, that’s a bad joke. You’ll see why below. So, these are the top 5 most viewed older posts:

5th: Fire Force Episode 3 – The debut of Tamaki lands in fifth this week. This one was my favourite episode at the time.

4th: Magical Sempai Episode 6 [Anime Episode Review] – This one keeps popping up. It was a mixed episode for me. Sempai’s reaction to balloons was adorable. Assistant became unlikeable.

3rd: Magical Sempai Episode 1 – The debut of Magical Sempai was also slightly mixed for me, but was certainly enough to keep me coming back. It was a fun episode overall.

2nd: A&H Club Volume 1 by Rick Griffin [Graphic Novel Review – Furry / Lesbian / Drama] – Rick Griffin’s lesfic tale of a wolf and a kangaroo remains popular. He posts new pages on Twitter too, so a new volume will be coming. be warned though, the account is sometimes NSFW.

1st: Magical Sempai Episode 9 – Now, this one was an excellent episode. It balanced out the things you expect from Tejina Senpai far better than some of the other episodes did.


Looking Ahead

What can you expect this week? I’m on my Winter wind-down right now, so posts are going to come in slower. There will be some LGBTQ book spotlights, of course. Outside that though, you can expect an anime review for Record of Grancrest War Part Two and some more OVW wrestling. Outside that though, we’ll see. Maybe some stuff will pop up.

In terms of my own projects, things are going well. The Cassie Tam Files 5 is going through editing ahead of next year’s release. I have a film script done and ready to push out. I have the first draft of the game script done. I’m getting some interest with the voice acting. If anything, I feel super productive.

A Question

So, here’s a question for you all. Would anyone be interested in development diary type posts? Like, preview pics of the character models for the game, or WIP snippets from stories? It’s something I’m considering trying out in the new year, and it’d be nice to see what people think of it as an idea.


And…that’s about it! So, thank you all for sticking with me. Do you have a particular post you’re looking forward to this week? Or a favorite from last week? Let me know in the comments below.

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