OVW TV 1058 [Wrestling Review]

OVW TV 1058

On commentary this week are Gilbert Corsey and Ted McNaler.

Fighting Champions

We open up with Gilbert interviewing the new OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Corey Storm and Dimes in the ring. Gilbert put over how great a year both guys have had, and the two stars set themselves up as fighting champions. That brought out The Legacy of Brutality. Josh talked about how upset he was with them for embarrassing his stable and confirmed that, once Hy-Zaya gets there, they’ll be using their rematch clause. Commissioner Dean Hill then came out and said they can use their rematch clause, but they aren’t waiting for Hy-Zaya. He then sent Ca$h Flo to the back as he doesn’t have a manger’s license. This was a good angle to start the show. The crowd absolutely loves Corey Storm.

Storm Dimes Jay Bradley Big Zo
OVW Southern Tag Titles Match: Corey Storm & Dimes def. The Legacy of Brutality

Josh Ashcraft remained at ringside for this one, with The LoB being represented by Jay Bradley and Big Zo. The heels made use of their size advantage throughout the early going, bullying their smaller foes. Once the momentum shifted, it shifted completely, and the champs got to show off their quick moves. In the end, a Category 5 and a Change Maker on Jay Bradley was enough for them to retain.

This was a good match. The crowd was hot throughout, cheering the faces and taunting the heels every chance they got. As much as I don’t like the way The LoB has been booked of late, this was the right result. Good work from everyone involved, especially when it came to hope spots, which were kept to short bursts rather than masses of moves.

Brotherly Rivalry / Gunning For Tony

Backstage, Maximus Khan brought his little daughter in to see Leonis. The two had some fun banter, and Leonis came across as a little arrogant. I wonder if that’s the start of a split and a heel turn? Time shall tell. Both Khan’s came across as very natural here though, so that’s good.

Back in the ring, Tony Gunn got some mic time to talk about how any former OVW TV champion can challenge him. He wasn’t happy about Dean’s ruling and said he’s gonna handpick his opponents. Tonight, he chooses ‘Dr. Manbeast’ Ted McNaler. Tony threatens the commentator and tells his wife to go to the back so that she doesn’t have to watch he’s about to do to her husband. Having heard enough, Melvin Maximus came out to make the save. He pointed out all the people that Tony has disrespected and says that he’s gonna whoop Tony’s ass. Tony begged off and went for a cheap shot, but Melvin blocked it and kickstarted the match. This was a really good angle. Tony is superb on the mic, and Melvin should be another good opponent for him.

Tony Gunn Melvin maximus
Tony Gunn def. Melvin Maximus

This one started out with Melvin throwing Tony around outside the ring. The bell didn’t ring until he took Gunn back into the ring, at which point, Melvin started picking his opponent apart. This one was all about Mr. Marvellous taking out his anger on the heel, much to the delight of the crowd. Of note were Melvin’s facials too; he did an excellent job conveying emotion here. The fans didn’t get a happy ending though, as Tony was able to hit a Kill Shot out of nowhere for the pin.

I’m still not a fan of the one move finish, but I can forgive it a little here, as Tony Gunn is on a real high right now. He bumped well for Melvin, and the crowd loved every moment of it. Again, it was the right result too, so there’s not much to complain about.

Adrenaline Rush / A Titanic Clash

After the break, we threw to Dean Hill in the ring. He talked about the legacy of the OVW TV Title and what Tony Gunn’s actions mean going forward for the belt. He said that, with the belt gone, he was going to create a new division to replace it. Sponsored by Collar and Elbow, the new belt is for the high flying stars who do whatever it takes to win, and will be called the Rush Title. Its first owner will be decided in a ladder in a cage match at Christmas Chaos 2019.

The belt looks nice, to be fair, and is clearly taking some cues from the old X-Division title. I’m not sure if the ladder/cage combo will be overkill or not, but with the right guys, it should be fun.

Before Dean could say anything else, the OVW Heavyweight Champion ‘The Trinidad Titan’ Justin Smooth interrupted and said that the Rush Title is not as important as his title. He declared himself the king of OVW but was cut off by King’s Ransom’s music. Leonis marched out to the king and said that he and his brother were the true kings of OVW. Justin asked Leonis why he was so upset and pondered whether it was because his parents were so disappointed with him that they decided to make his brother. Both guys came to blows, and the locker room emptied to split them apart. During the kerfuffle, Dustin Jackson and Randall Floyd brawled out form the back too.

Justin Smooth is excellent on the mic, and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. This built up the title match well and continued that little bit of dissension between King’s Ransom too. Great stuff.

Mahabali Shera def. William Lutz

The result here was never in doubt. Lutz is almost always sued as a jobber, and Shera is an Impact Wrestling star. How else could this one go? Shera won in quick order with a Sky High.

Despite the dominant booking, Shera isn’t getting as big a reaction as the OVW regulars yet. He had a few crowd chants, sure, but they were a lot quieter than those that accompanied the likes of Corey Storm, Dimes, and Melvin Maximus. Still, he looked good here, and will no doubt win over the fans soon enough.

Christmas Chaos

Gilbert and Ted ran down the card for Christmas Chaos 2019 so far. Shannon The Dude came out and cut a promo on Steve Rummage too, setting up the rematch for his Radio World Title. The card is good on paper so far, but the ‘every match in a cage’ theme may be a hindrance.

Max The Impaler ThunderKitty
OVW Women’s Title Match: Max The Impaler def. Thunderkitty

Thunderkitty came across as quite a plucky competitor here, skipping out on some of her usual old school tribute offense in favour of some fire. Max soon took over though and started tossing the ninety-eight-year-old wrestling sensation around like a ragdoll. The sad thing was, the crowd just didn’t seem to buy Thunderkitty as a credible threat, and so weren’t as into this as you may expect. When it became clear that Max was just toying with her foe, Megan Bayne ran in and gave Max the DQ win. Unlike last week though, the former champion wasn’t able to take Max down, and the show ended with her being destroyed by the champion.

This was fine for what it was: a match clearly designed to set Max up as a dominant champ. You can tell where the fans’ hearts lie though. Part way through the match, they started a ‘We want Megan’ chant. They were happy when she ran in, but ended up stunned by her being torn apart. Meg should win the top contender’s match at Christmas Chaos, and I predict that she’ll go on to beat Max in the eventual rematch.


This was a really good showing from OVW. None of the matches went too short, and the angles all ran according to plan, setting up some story threads going forward. Right now, OVW is an easy watch with a strong roster, and long may that continue.

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