November 18th – 24th, 2019 Round-Up

Welcome, one and all, to the new weekly round-up! We’ve got plenty to go through, so let’s dive right into it.

Looking Back

We’re going to start with the run-down of posts that went live last week, split by category and sorted alphabetically:


Anime (Series Reviews)

The Garden Of Sinners Collector’s Edition [Anime Review]

Books (Spotlights and Guest Posts)

Against All Odds by Elle W Silver [Book Spotlight – MM Paranormal Romance]

Beware Mohawks Bearing Gifts by SA Collins [Book Spotlight – Queer Sci-Fi]

Double Six by Brenda Murphy [Book Spotlight – FF Romance]


November 11th – 17th, 2019 Round-Up

Reward Apps: Scam Or Real?


OVW TV 1056 [Wrestling Review]


Now, that was a low-output week in terms of posts. I’ll go into why later on. Plenty of older posts were getting some love though, and there was definitely a theme there: lesbians. Titles that were outright yuri or at least featured a lesbian character or two were getting the hits. Some of these portrayed WLW far better than others, but there you go. Regardless, these are the top 5 most viewed older posts:

5th: A&H Club Volume 1 by Rick Griffin [Graphic Novel Review – Furry / Lesbian / Drama] – There’s isn;t much more that I can say about this one. Whether you’re a furry or not, read the review. It’s a highly recommended title.

4th: Manga vs Anime: Gunsmith Cats – One of my favourite series. Gunsmith Cats is a great combination of gunplay, strong characters, and old school style. Both the OVA and the manga have plenty to get into to.

3rd: Keijo!!!!!!!! [Anime Review – Sports / Ecchi] – One of those anime that I didn’t expect to enjoy, but somehow found myself smiling at anyway. There are issues with it, of course, but when you take it for what it is, it’s actually very watchable. This was also one of my old style reviews.

2nd: Seven Mortal Sins [Anime Review – Ecchi/Fantasy] – This was such a weird show for me. There was plenty to enjoy, but also a lot of stuff that stifled my enjoyment. For straight-up ecchi fans though? This should be excellent.

1st: After Hours Volume 1 [Manga Review – Yuri / Romance]– This one was a recommendation from a fellow blogger, and quickly became one of my favourites. It’s a sweet, slow-burn story with realistic pacing, and well worth reading. The whole series is only 3 books long, so it’s a quick read too.


Looking Ahead

What can you expect this week? Well…that’s a bit mixed. There will definitely be a review for Fruits Basket S1 Part 1, some more OVW wrestling, and a bunch of book spotlights. There may be a guest post about films, but we shall see.

The thing is, I’ve had a lot of problems of late. A massive influx of bots pretty much decimated my allowable resources with the site host, so that needed sorting. The site went down a few times too, and then it stopped posting scheduled posts. FastComet has been excellent in providing assistance, so that’s good. I was having to consider switching hosts briefly though as the resources point is a difficult one to fix.

On top of that, my laptop is now not charging consistently. This is a problem because most of my review discs are Blu-rays, and the only Blu-ray player I have is not in the same room as my desktop rig. As such, I need the laptop to work. All being well, the laptop will have been picked up last Friday and should be back by Wednesday. It has slowed me for the end of November/start of December though.

Still, fingers crossed, that gets resolved.

What about my own projects? Now, this has been interesting. I’m currently working through the edits for Half-Light (The Cassie Tam Files 5) with NineStar Press. I’m also working on a couple of different stories, with a focus on one that’s being set up for a Visual Novel. To that end, I’ve also been learning a couple of different pieces of modelling software so get the characters together. That’s proving fun, if difficult. I may review the software I’m using sometime soon too so that you can all have a look too.

And as to the voice acting, at the time of writing, I’ve done twenty-nine auditions. Over two days. I tend to overwork myself, I think. The main thing is though, I’m having fun. I’ve also landed my first role. I’ll talk more about that another time. For now though I’ll tease it a little by saying that it’s for a fan work that relates to a non-Sonic franchise that I enjoy.


And…that’s about it! So, thank you all for sticking with me. Do you have a particular post you’re looking forward to this week? Or a favorite from last week? Let me know in the comments below.

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