OVW TV 1056 [Wrestling Review]

OVW TV 1056 – Gunn’s Reckoning

On commentary this week are Shannon The Dude and Ted McNaler.

The Gunn Show / Dean’s Law

The show opened with a repeat of the video interview that closed out the Tuesday Night Fightmare last week. Tony cut a scathing promo on the company and the way they’ve treated him like an outcast since his return, then tossed the stolen OVW TV Title into the river. Tony has always impressed me in OVW, and this was no exception.

Back in the arena, Dean Hill called Tony Gunn out to the ring and accused him of thinking that he’s bigger than the company. He ran down the list of Tony Gunn’s misdemeanours, but before he could tell him what he planned to do about it, AJZ’s music hit. The youngster came out and told Gunn that he would beat him no matter whether they were in a gauntlet or singles match. Dean Hill said he had other plans but that he would give AJZ his match. And if Gunn refuses, then he will be arrested for destruction of property. Gunn said he’ll take AJZ any time, any place. Hill added the stipulation that if Gunn loses, he’s fired. And the match starts…now. This was a good angle. With Gunn having signed with Impact, the result seems pretty obvious though.

OVW Tony Gunn AJZ

Tony Gunn def. AJZ

But, of course, OVW surprised us. This one started off as a fight, which it should given the stipulation. It was interesting to see the differences between the two though. AJZ’s power moves look nice, especially with his build, but his strikes are weak compared to Gunn’s for example. The important thing though is that Gunn gave AJZ plenty, and made him look great during his moments in control. In the end, Gunn was able to hit the Kill Shot for the pin.

The Entourage Explodes

Shannon and Ted started to run down the card but were interrupted by DL3 and Shiloh Jonze, who were mid-fight. They tore into each other until Big D, Thunder Kitty, and referee Charlene Mackenzie separated them. Charlene then made the decision to make this a match. Decent enough brawl and there was a nice little DL3 chant going too.

DL3 def. Shiloh Jonze

Shiloh essentially took DL3 apart in the early going, and the action spilled to the outside pretty quickly. There, Shiloh attempted to Superman Punch DL3 by leaping off the ring steps, but caught Thunder Kitty by mistake. Big D took her to the back, and that left Shiloh distracted enough for DL3 to take over. And so the match went, back and forth, until Big D caused a distraction and allowed DL3 to nail a ow blow for the pin. The match was fine, and I’m looking forward to seeing what both Shiloh and DL3 move onto next.

OVW Shiloh Jonze DL3

Dapper Ducky / What A Marvelous World

Backstage, Same Thompson confronted Dapper Dan about how he stole Sam’s briefcase and then gave it back to him. Dan told him that he was there to protect the briefcase and Sam, and he should think about that, That was a short segment, but interesting. Given Dapper Dan’s usual dastardly nature, I suspect he’s gearing up to betray Sam when he can get the $100,00 briefcase on the line.

We then cut to a pre-taped video with Mr. and Miss Marvelous showing us their marvelous lifestyle. Again, short, and got across the gimmick well.

OVW Corey Storm Dimes The Legacy Of Brutality

The Nightmare Cup Holders

Dimes and Corey Storm came out with the Nightmare Cup and were told that they now get to choose when they challenge for the OVW Southern Tag Titles. Before they could talk though, the Legacy of Brutality came out to interrupt. Josh Ashcraft told them that the LoB wanted to be the first to congratulate them, but they had a problem with not being featured on TV during the Fightmare show. He told them that they won’t be able to walk away when they lose their title shot.

Ca$h Flo and Jay Bradley then attacked, but the faces managed to get on top. Big Zo and Hy-Zaya then joined in, and the numbers game proved too much for the Nightmare Cup Holders. The LoB tore them apart, and took it in turns nailing top rope moves on their smaller foes, then stood tall to end the segment.

Josh had a great line about how Dimes and Storm are friendly but the LoB are family and ain’t friendly. While it’s a shame that the popular duo didn’t get to speak, this was clearly all about getting some of that unstoppable feel back for the Legacy of Brutality. In that regard, it was a successful angle, and the eventual Dimes/Storm vs. LoB match will no doubt be a good one.


We cut to a pre-taped video with Aamon as he talked about he is now the first OVW quadruple crown champion, having won all the official titles after defeating Sinn for the OVW Anarchy Title at the Fightmare. He declared himself king, complete with a crown of barbed wire. The Sinn feud was good for Aamon, and actually got me interested in him for the first time since he and Crazzy Steve fought The Void.

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Dustin Jackson Randall Floyd

These two have been locked in a rivalry for some time now, with neither one getting a clear upper hand. The matches have been consistently good too, as they both excel at the little things that make a match look legitimate. Here, finally, the feud came to an end. Or did it? Let’s find out.

First Fall: Both guys started off frantically jockeying for control. Randall has a legitimate 95-5 record in amateur and would have gone to the Olympics had it not been for an unfortunately timed concussion. To that end, Dustin seemed to avoid grappling with him here and focus more on strikes for the most part. That served him well and allowed him to get the brunt of the control It was Floyd that picked up the fall though, reversing an Irish Whip into the Deal Breaker for the three count.

Second Fall: We joined this fall in progress after the final ad break. Floyd dominated the early going, wearing Jackson down with his Boston Crab. Moments later though, Jackson was able to nail a dropkick and a top rope Bro Splash for the win.

Third Fall: Dustin tried to jump-start the fall, but Randall started a fightback. Both guys did a great job of showing how tired they were at this point in the match. Jackson looked to end things early, headbutting Floyd off the top rope and going for the Bro Splash, but Floyd moved and followed up with a Deal Breaker. Rather than go for the pin, Floyd decided to go for a tap out. He tried to apply the Boston Crab again, but Jackson scored a roll-up for the win.

This was a decent match that saw both guys sell the rivalry well. It seemed like a good end to the feud too, until…

OVW Dustin Jackson Randall Floyd

After The Match

…Upset with the result, Randall Floyd attacked Dustin Jackson after the bell, nailing a series of hard strikes. He then grabbed a chair and smashed it over Jackson’s back. KTD and William Lutz ran out to try to calm him down but got taken out too. Floyd then attempted to cripple Jackson by snapping his neck with the chair, but a bunch of staff and wrestlers ran in to separate them before he could do it. The show went off the air with the beating still in progress as Randall Floyd attempted to hit a piledriver – which is banned in OVW – off the apron and onto the unprotected floor.

This wasn’t entirely a surprise. Throughout the rivalry, Floyd has displayed a couple of heelish tendencies, so the turn has definitely been coming. The beating was a good one though, and it should go some way to cementing him as a vicious threat.


This was a really easy watch. The matches were decent TV outings and the angles were well executed. I was surprised not to see OVW Heavyweight Champion Justin Smooth on the show, mind you. Still, great work from all involved.

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