November 4th – 8th, 2019 Round-Up

Welcome, one and all, to the new weekly round-up! We’ve got plenty to go through, so let’s dive right into it.

Looking Back

We’re going to start with the run-down of posts that went live last week, split by category and sorted alphabetically:


Anime – Season Reviews

Fate/Apocrypha Part Two [Anime Review]

Books (Reviews)

TAD by M.D. Neu [Book Review]

Books (Spotlights and Guest Posts)

Convicted by Kim Fielding [Book Spotlight – MM Paranormal Romance] / Mini Interview with author Kim Fielding

The Echoing Green And Other Stories by David Jordan [Book Spotlight]

The Lowest Realm by Amy-Alex Campell [Book Spotlight -MM Fantasy Romance]

The Wolf And The Sparrow by Isabelle Adler [Cover Reveal]

Comics and Manga

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 22 [Comic Review]


October 28th – November 1st, 2019 Round-Up

TV & Films

Violence Voyager [Film Review]


On top of that, we had some love for the old posts too. So, these are the top 5 most viewed older posts:

5th: Manga vs. Anime: D-Frag! – One of the silliest series that I enjoy, and one that I keep up with in manga form even now. This talks about which version you should check out.

4th: Dogman: fact or fiction? – My original cryptic posting continues to get some traffic. If you haven’t heard of dogman, this will get you up to speed and explain whether I think it’s a real creature or not.

3rd: MEN+MONSTERS by Aero Zero [Comic Review – Bara / Gay Monsters / Erotica] – A great title if you love kinky MM action involving monster boys, consent, and an awesome art style.

2nd: Manga vs. Anime: Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin – And it’s back! Covering right up to the start of the Female Titan arc, this was my take on the differences between the two versions of the story.

1st: Beauty and the Beast Girl [Yuri/Monster Girls – Manga Review] AND A&H Club Volume 1 by Rick Griffin [Graphic Novel Review – Furry / Lesbian / Drama] – A tie at the top, and there’s a theme there. Both of these are WLW tales. Both feature non-humans. Both have some sweet and harsh moments. Both are also very enjoyable.


Looking Ahead

What can you expect this week? As it stands, there are no anime posts this week. The reason for that is that I was sent an 8-disc set to review, and so my viewing time is tied up with that. What you will get though is a manga review, a comic review, a book review, a horror movie trailer reaction, and some book spotlights. As to the wrestling, my time is being split differently than I had planned, so…I’m going to drop the tournament-style posts for now. I may also drop MLW in favour of concentrating on OVW and maybe some NWA.

In terms of my own projects, Shadows of the Past is now out! On top of that, it broke the top 100 in Amazon USA’s LGBT sci-fi kindle charts pretty quickly. That was awesome to see. I have some software on hand now too, which means full steam ahead with game creation. I’m not sure whether it will be the Cassie Tam Files adaption yet. I do have a couple of stories in mind that would work as shorter visual novels, so I may start with those as a means to get my head around the software.


And…that’s about it! So, thank you all for sticking with me. Do you have a particular post you’re looking forward to this week? Or a favorite from last week? Let me know in the comments below.

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