October 28th – November 1st, 2019 Round-Up

Welcome, one and all, to the new weekly round-up! We’ve got plenty to go through, so let’s dive right into it.

Looking Back

We’re going to start with the run-down of posts that went live last week, split by category and sorted alphabetically:


Anime – Season Reviews

Goblin SlayerGoblin SlayerGoblin Slayer

Record of Grancrest War Volume One

Books (Spotlights and Guest Posts)

Druid’s Curse by Shea Balik [Book Spotlight – MM Paranormal Romance Series]

He Dreams Magic by Emme C. Taylor [Book Spotlight – MM Fantasy Horror]

Moonlight: A Queer Werewolf Anthology update

Shadow Stalker Part 1 by Renee Scattergood [Book Spotlight – Dark Spec Fic]

Comics and Manga

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Issue 4 [Comic Review]


October 21st – 25th, 2019 Round-Up

My Projects

Writing Goals

Video Games

Let’s Fix…The Sonic 06 Kiss Scene


YouTube Wrestle War: OVW TV 1054 vs. MLW Fusion 81 vs. NWA Powerrr 4


As always, we’re also looking at the top 5 most viewed older posts:

5th: Scum’s Wish [Anime Review – Ecchi/Drama] – Scum’s Wish was one of those anime that I really have to be in the mood for. Definitely not for those who like happy stories!

4th: Beauty and the Beast Girl [Yuri/Monster Girls – Manga Review] – A sweet tale of a blind girl and a monster girl falling in love. This one is a fun little lesfic manga.

3rd: School-Live [Anime Review – Psychological Horror / Zombies / Slice of Life] – One of the best anime to come out of Crunchyroll of the Dice for me. It’s a psychological classic with some nice little subtle moments to boot.

2nd: Magical Sempai Episode 1 – I kinda hope we get a second season of this. For all its flaws, there were plenty of fun moments too.

1st: Fire Force Episode 8 – This was a great episode in my opinion, and one where I felt really bad for Tamaki.

Looking Ahead

What can you expect this week? Well, as it happens, a good mix of stuff! On top of the usual wrestling and book posts, we have a new anime review, a film review, and a comic review to boot!

In terms of my own projects, I’m working on a few things…if I can get the models put together, I’ll be pushing ahead with a video game adaption of The Cassie Tam Files.


And…that’s about it! So, thank you all for sticking with me. Do you have a particular post you’re looking forward to this week? Or a favorite from last week? Let me know in the comments below.

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