Werewolves Versus Fashion

werewolves fashion

Werewolves Versus Fashion features my art piece, Moon Child


As with every other pay-what-you-want issue of WEREWOLVES VERSUS, the artists and writers listed below will receive a percentage of every sale. If you like what you see, please consider supporting us with a paid purchase. Thank you!

Everyone can look great in a tailored suit or a stunning ball gown, even when you’re eight feet tall and covered in fur, but the true value of fashion isn’t how it makes you look, it’s how it makes you feel. It can crush you with unrealistic expectations, give you the strength to carry on when things are desperate, or empower you to bite the startled head clean off the shoulders of your enemy.

Our sixth issue is a double-sized (30 entries!), 149-page look at the claw-throat world of lycanthropic haute couture – a realm where the fabrics are dark to hide the blood, enchanted stretch materials can make you a legend, and fur is most definitely still murder (especially when it’s your own).

Featuring over 40 pieces of hi-resolution original art and over 32,000 words of werewolf fiction and poetry from these contributors:

  • Amber Aria
  • Anthony ‘Bitzawolf’ P.
  • Armando Leiva
  • Danelle Malan
  • Doruk Golcu
  • Dylan Fields
  • Emil Josephine
  • Furiarossa and Mimma
  • Gweakles
  • Jaz Gómez
  • John Dillard
  • Juan C. Moreno
  • Juliette GMM López
  • Kelly Vulfolaic
  • Lesley Keogh
  • Lorenzo Lobos
  • Ludocrow
  • Martyna Kulak
  • Mary Elise Elam
  • Matt Doyle
  • nothere
  • Quebecoiswolf
  • S.L. Mewse
  • Sara Helmy
  • Tandye Rowe
  • The Druid
  • Triple-Shot
  • Van-Weasel
  • Viergacht
  • Wm T Wohlman
  • Zannah

…plus lethally stylish cover art by Ben Geldenhuys.


Gum Road

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