Mandao Returns – Kickstarter

You may remember me posting a trailer reaction for the supernatural comedy indie film ‘Mandao of the Dead’. If not, you should absolutely check that out. The film looks a lot of fun!

Clearly, I’m not the only one to think that either because there’s a sequel being planned!

So, let’s start at the beginning. What is the series about? Well, here’s the official blurb for the first films, Mandao of the Dead:

Mandao of the Deadis a supernatural comedy about the reclusive Jay Mandao who lives frugally off of his late father’s cereal company royalties. He wants nothing more than to live in solitude, but is duped into taking in his adult nephew-in-law, Jackson. 

As Halloween approaches, Jay finds out that he has the ability to astral project.  Jay and Jackson are approached by a ghost who has a small window of time to reverse his death at the hands of Jackson’s murderous ex-girlfriend.  


Sounds coo, right? Well, here’s what’s planned in Mandao Returns:

Mandao Returns is the next chapter in a trilogy of films. This time, Mandao Returns takes place around Christmas. After abstaining from astral projecting, Jay Mandao’s life starts to unravel. Jay’s cousin Andy hatches a plan to steal money from the past after encountering some serious financial issues. To make matters worse, they encounter an evil ghost intent on possessing their bodies to live again. Jay, Jackson, Cousin Andy, and their cab driver Fer must team up to stop the entity. Will they succeed?


The film is looking to raise £16,268 / $20,000 by November 8th, which is a pretty modest budget. The tiers available for support offer some really cool bonuses too, ranging from appearing in the credits and free copies of the films to plushes and photo sessions!

You can check them all out at, along with profiles on the cast, so feel free to head on over there and support this indie trilogy now.


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