My Books – Check Out My Latest Releases Here!

Books by Matt Doyle
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Lesfic / Sci-Fi / Mystery


New Hopeland City was built to be the center of the technological age. It was supposed to be a shining example of humanity’s achievements. A beacon to guide us towards a better future. But some habits die hard. Within five years, it had become a hotbed of crime and corruption. And now, even the police are sometimes in too deep to help. That’s where I come in. My name is Cassie Tam. I’m a PI. When no one else will help, I’m the one people turn to … 

Addict-f500 TFtDatK-f LV48 The Cassie Tam Files 3 Lesbian Lesfic Sci-Fi Mystery WLW ShadowsofthePast-f500

Half-Light The Cassie Tam Files 5 Lesbian Lesfic Sci-Fi Mystery WLW

GameLit / Sci-Fi / LGBTQ


Five professional card players. Five reasons to fight. One thing in common: Their lives will be touched by the existence of the AI known as Carnival.



Various Genres

These are anthologies that feature stories or art by me.

QSF Queer Sci Fi Renewal LGBT ROAR 8 paradise bad dog books furry furries anthro anthology nor killik sci-fi QSF Queer Sci Fi Impact LGBT ROAR bad dog books furry furries 9 resist dear sis trans gender fluid fox anthro mary lowd kadath anthology anthologies short story stories

werewolves fashion D is for Demons Red Cape Publishing horror anthology moonlight a queer werewolf anthology cover It Came From The Darkness Horror Charity Anthology
Bright Neon Futures A Wholesome Cyberpunk Anthology


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