Magical Sempai Episode 12

Welcome, one and all, to my weekly episodic review series for Magical Sempai, aka Tejina Senpai. With episode 12, were’ at the season finale! Did the series go out with a bang, or did it lose the magic that made the memorable moments so much fun? Let’s find out.

magical sempai tejina senpai episode 12 growing sempai assistant saki balloon
That’s one way to hold a balloon

Growing Sempai

This one all started with a misunderstanding. Assistant, late in getting to the club, overheard Saki and Ma talking. There were a lot of things being thrown around like “It’s so big”, and “Should I sue my mouth now?” Assistant burst in and…they were just trying to teach Sempai how to do balloon art. We got a brief tutorial on how to correctly blow up modeling balloons, and an explanation as to what Cod Roe twists are and how you make a dog using them.

While Assistant managed to create a decent enough dog, Sempai got tired and ended up with something that looked a little like…ahem…a certain part of a male. That was not helped by Saki recommending that you can rest the balloon between your legs if you need a break.

Finally, Saki realized that Sempai wasn’t nervous because she wasn’t doing magic. Sempai pointed out that she may not be nervous, but was actually terrified…but she managed to make the dog! Yay! Then it popped.

That was great. The misunderstanding was obvious, but it still made me giggle. The same can be said for the silliness with the balloon shape. And Sempais reaction to balloons is always adorable. That was a good start to the episode.

magical sempai tejina senpai episode 12 unfailing sempai shackles locker
Trick successful…but at what price?

Unfailing Sempai

This opened up with Sempai bouncing in front of the camera. Then, Sempai revealed that she may have found a way to not fail at magic. She got Assistant to chain her up and place her behind a curtain. After a quiet minute passed, Assistant went to check on her and discovered that she’d vanished. Sempai was hiding in a locker and was very pleased with herself; she never said she’d escape from the shackle, after all. The trick is to not say what you’re planning!

So, Sempai decided it was getting hot, so she should probably jump out and scare Assistant now. But she was stuck. Assistant left, not realizing what had happened, and Sempai is alter discovered by night security.

That was, again, very good. I like the idea that if you don’t say what trick you’re doing, you can’t fail, even if Sempai proved herself wrong with it.

magical sempai tejina senpai episode 12 persistent sempai jealous behemoth
Jealous Sempai is adorable!

Persistent Sempai

Assistant dropped into the chemistry room, The club room door was locked, so he needed to get in that way, you see. Seeing how hot he was, Madara offered him a cola. But it was no ordinary cola! When she cracked the bottle open, the drink froze, thanks to the supercooling phenomena. This was explained in a short section before we cut to Sempai arriving and seeing the two talking. She didn’t want to interrupt, so we cut back to Madara demonstrating how the law of inertia allows the table cloth pull to work. It went slightly wrong though and a jar of something went flying towards Madara.

Meanwhile, Sempai was playing with Behemoth, worrying that Assistant may prefer science to magic and could be having secret chemistry club meetings. She was jealous, so decided to have another peek. What she found was Assistant laying on top of Madara, having just saved her from the spill. Sempai got upset and yelled “Which means more to you? Me or Chemistry?”

This led to Sempai deciding to do the cloth pull as a form of battle between club leaders. It went even more wrong than Madara’s attempt, resulting in a wet shirt, of course. In the end, they all agreed that science was cool. And then the whole club invaded the chemistry room to experience the fan.

Even with the random wet shirt shot, that was another fun episode. I loved seeing jealous Sempai, and the science stuff is always cool. It’s just a shame we didn’t get more detail in the explanations this time.

magical sempai tejina senpai episode 12 silent sempai assistant house of cards
Life is like a house of cards

Silent Sempai

Sempai discovered Assistant sleeping. With no Saki and Ma, she decided to let him sleep and do magic silently. We got an explanation of the coin flying trick, then she accidentally dropped int between her breasts. Assistant was dreaming about being tied up by several mini-Sempai’s.

A handkerchief trick was next, but the pigeon that was meant to appear flew out early. Sempai dove to stop it waking Assistant, and ended up with the second pigeon coming out from between her legs during the obligatory panty shot. Sempai was glad Assistant didn’t see it, but she did miss his snark.

Finally, she starts to wake Assistant but stops short. It looks like a sweet moment until she starts building a card house on top of his head. Meanwhile, Assistant pondered why he feigned sleep expecting something to happen.

The panty shot wasn’t really needed, but otherwise, that was fine. The weakest part of the episode so far, sure, but nothing too bad.

magical sempai tejina senpai episode 12 bunny girl sempai assistant
Does Assistant Dream of Bunny Sempai?

Bunny Sempai

Sempai is dressed as a bunny girl with a magic cape. She explained the outfit: when you have a mosquito bite, you pinch the nearby skin and it hurts but makes the bite itch less. So, to get over her stage fright, she should wear an embarrassing outfit. That wasn’t horrendous logic.

Sempai started a cup and ball trick, but Assistant was getting distracted by her cleavage. The tricks actually worked though! When Sempai jumped with joy to celebrate, she fell out of her top, leaving Assistant to finish the season with a smile on his face.


That was a lot of fun. Sure, the pigeon bit was a bit much, but the majority of the episode actually balanced the humour and fan service in a way that was much more to my taste. This was an excellent showing from the show and a great way to end the season.

So, would I watch a second season? Well, it wasn’t perfect, but I think I would. When the series got things right, it was a wonderfully easy watch, and when it didn’t, episodes were short enough not to be a big issue. On top of that, Sempai is one of the more likable characters I’ve come across of late.

But what about yourselves? Did you enjoy this one? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Magical Sempai Episode 12

  1. This wasn’t a top tier show, but enjoyable nonetheless. I think the short episode structure works in its favor. If one of the skits isn’t your cup of tea it doesn’t matter, as a new one starts after a minute or two. Not sure that we will get another season. Maybe they should make a chemistry spin-off, as I liked the science facts.


    1. That sounds fair. Even with the stuff I didn’t like, the stuff I did wasn’t often too far behind. The science and magic facts were part of my favourite bits, even of that weren’t overly long.


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