Magical Sempai Episode 10

Welcome, one and all, to my continuing series of weekly reviews for the ecchi comedy anime, Magical Sempai, aka Tejina Senpai. The series hit a weird moment for me this week. The episode wasn’t bad, if anything it was enjoyable, but it wasn’t standout either. Let’s see what happened.

Magical Sempai Tejina Senpai 10 Beach Sempai

Beach Sempai

The club went to the beach, and Sempai had a new swimsuit. She also had her magic tool stuffed in the suit making it look like she’s a boy. This was what you’d expect. There was some brief frolicking, then a big wave came and washed the top half of the girls’ swimsuits away. They tried to call the boys for help, but they were too busy gaming. Sempai reached into her magical pouch and pulled out a jar of special sand that hardens in water, and they both made themselves new tops. But, of course, when they stood up, the sand softened and fell off.

Next up, Saki tries to fix the problem with balloons. That makes sense given her balloon suit tricks. Poor old Sempai was not happy though because she’s scared of balloons. They explained what happened to the boys and…stepped on sticks that popped the balloons.

That was harmless fluff. It wasn’t as revealing as it could have been, which is good, and nothing happened that was unexpected. The sand and balloon tricks were interesting takes on common themes too, so no issues there.

Magical Sempai Tejina Senpai 10 Crab Sempai

Crab Sempai

Assistant found the science club girl, Madara. She had found a crab under a rock. Assistant ran the area down due to the lack of tech stuff, and Madara said that her Grandma lived there, sending him into a back-peddling panic. Madara got Assistant to lie down and watch the sun going down. He spotted her cleavage, of course. Once the sun disappeared, she got him to stand up and…he could see the sun set again! Got to love science!

Again, harmless enough fluff. The science thing was cool. There isn’t much else to say.

Magical Sempai Tejina Senpai 10 Watermelon Sempai

Watermelon Sempai

Assistant and Madara caught up to the Magic Club. They were planning to split a watermelon. Madara finds women like Sempai intimidating, and Saki thought that Madara was Assistant’s girlfriend. Anyway, Ma was blindfold and going for the watermelon, but Saki guided him headfirst into her breasts. So, they buried Saki in the sand.

Madara had a special technique to break the watermelon. Unfortunately, she went the wrong way and started walking towards the ocean. Sempai was next, but she made herself so dizzy she was wobbling everywhere, then started accidentally beating everyone with the stick. She missed the melon.

Okay, so Saki’s forced lewd moment with Ma aside, that was fun. I liked clumsy Sempai’s accidental assault. Short but amusing.

Magical Sempai Tejina Senpai 10 Fireworks Sempai

Fireworks Sempai

Saki had some fireworks, and Sempai wanted to do some fire-based tricks. So, Assistant tied her up. Sempai got free though and tried to do a disappearing money trick. The trick basically involved using a firelighter to burn up 1,000 yen note. It relied on her switching the note with a fake one. Of course, she used the wrong one. So, she switched to flash paper. It should burn so quickly you never get hurt, and she can use it to help make a flower appear. But she set the flower on fire instead. When she threw the burning paper, where should it land, but in the fireworks!

Sempai was actually very upset about ruining everything. Madara had a few more sparklers though, so all was not lost. There was a slight tender moment between Sempai and Assistant, then her sparkler fell on her foot to end the episode.

That was also fun in a light-hearted way. Nothing too in your face and the humour was fine.



As you can see, I don’t really have much to say about this one. The episode was mostly harmless fluff that you’d find in any beach episode, albeit with Sempai’s magical edge to it. It was fine, but that’s really about all I can say.

Would you agree? Let me know in the comments below.


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