OVW TV Episode 1043 [Wrestling Review]

OVW TV 1043 – Legacy Restored?

On commentary this week are Gilbert Corsey and Ted McNaler.

We opened up with the commentary team explaining that they have a briefcase containing $100,000. On September 11th, it will be suspended above the ring in a special ladder match. They then talk about the Saturday Night Special that just ran. After that, we jump to…


DL3 [w/Shiloh Jonze & Big D] vs. ‘Mr. Marvelous’ Melvin Maximus [w/Miss Marvelous]

If you’ve been keeping up, the result of this match would not be in doubt. Even without the dissension in the ranks for Entourage 2.0, Melvin Maximus has been well protected of late. After Melvin’s usual extended entrance, DL3 jumpstarted things. He didn’t stay on top long though and was soon being bounced all over the place. Shiloh, meanwhile, physically turned his back to DL3, leaving him open to Melvin’s match-winning Russian Legsweep.

This was a squash, pure and simple. It gave Melvin another win and furthered the story with Entourage 2.0, so I can’t really complain. It’s worth noting though that not only was DL3 bumping well this week, but Shiloh was in entirely serious mode in his role. Good stuff.


Let’s Hear From Randall Floyd

The Real Deal headed to the ring and took a mic while the commentary team talked about his and Dustin Jackson’s match being thrown out at the SNS. Randall said that he has had one major issue in the last weeks: Dustin Jackson. He talked about Dustin never being able to outwrestle him, so he resorted to a straight-up fight. Randall said that he wanted a fourth and final fight, and that drew Dustin out with another mic. Dustin told him that it’s personal to him because he’s tired of Randall walking around like he’s the best. They went face-to-face, and Randall gave him a chance to walk away – just like his girlfriend Lily did to him. They came to blows, and the referees tried to intervene. It took all four of them to subdue the superstars.

This was good. There were a few verbal slip-ups, and Dustin’s mic appeared to be a little lower quality than Randall’s, but the angle got the feud across well. The crowd didn’t seem sure who to cheer for, but this being an all-face affair, that’s understandable.


Entourage 2.Oh-No & Valerie Strikes

DL3 confronted Shiloh and told him he’s supposed to be his partner. Shiloh brought up the laxative incident last week. They called each other idiot a lot, and then got to the crux of the matter: Thunder Kitty. Before DL3 stormed off, we saw Valerie Vermin exit a room behind them. Shortly after that, Megan Bayne walked in and entered the same room, only to find her ring gear destroyed and the room wrecked.

That was a good double angle. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Entourage stuff ends up, as it seems like Shiloh may not have known that Thunder Kitty was also leading DL3 on. Meanwhile, the Megan Bayne vs. Valerie Vermin feud got really good as soon as the bat was introduced, so I’m happy to see that continue.


William Lutz [w/Ashton Cove] vs. Jacob Black

Jacob Black looks like a shorter version of Rowan from WWE. He also pretty much dominated Lutz in the early going. Lutz started to make a comeback, but the match was thrown out when Mad Man Fulton from Impact’s OVE ran in and attacked everyone. Once he’d laid everyone out, he took a mic, said, “He’s coming”, then left. The commentary team wasn’t sure who ‘he’ is, though it was hinted that it could be Sami Callihan.

The crowd gave Lutz a small but positive reaction when he started his comeback, which makes me think the crowd is ready to embrace him. The match was okay, but it’s a shame they quite visibly botched something towards the end. Still, the point of this was to kick off the OVE angle, so there are no issues there.


OVW TV Title Gauntlet

Dimes was first out, followed by Nigel. Dimes is, of course, a former TV and Heavyweight champion. Meanwhile, Nigel is a repackaged Nigel Winters. Him and Chace (formerly Chace Destiny) now appear to be wearing shirts and carrying croquet mallets. The commentary team speculated on why The Void has changed so drastically throughout what was a short but fun showcase for Dimes. The popular former champ scored the win with a sunset flip.

Chace was in next, and he started making use of Nigel as an interference tool early on. The commentary team talked a little about Dimes trying to find his purpose again, and questioned whether he would be a good fit for the $100,000 ladder match. Here, after being dominated by his aristocratic foe, he managed to get the win with a Change Maker out of nowhere.

OVW TV Champion Jay Bradley was in next. He joined Josh Ashcraft’s Legacy of Brutality stable at the SNS, siding with Ca$h Flo, and shockingly brought the popular Zo with him. What made that interesting was that Jay and Ca$h now hold the OVW Southern Tag Titles too as Zo was standing in as a member of King’s Ransom. His double cross means that the LoB now hold most of the gold in OVW. An entertaining back and forth match ended with Bradley hitting the Boom Stick for the pin.

‘The Boy Wonder’ Sam Thompson ran out and immediately nailed a top rope dropkick. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep Jay down, and for all his fight, Sam was easy prey. In the end, another Boom Stick was enough to finish it.

The final competitor was Maximus Khan. There was some bad blood here, as Maximus is one half of King’s Ransom. Though he was able to take things to Jay, his rally couldn’t last. Josh Ashcraft, Ca$h Flo, and Hy-Zaya put in a mass distraction and, while the referee was dealing with that, Zo flattened Maximus to give Jay the win.

After the match, the Legacy of Brutality gave Zo a mic. He said that ever since the SNS, people are blowing up his inbox. All of a sudden he’s relevant again. Josh Ashcraft was the first person to give him a chance, Ca$h was his first trainer, and Hy-Zaya was his mentor. He was pissed off with Jay Bradley last week, but Josh told him that nice guys finish last. That was his wake-up call; he’s been dancing for the fans, but now he’s back with his family. In case the fans forgot, it’s still Zo time.

So, the first half of the gauntlet was basically designed to get Dimes on the road to recovery, I think. He got to remind the fans why they like him, and he showed plenty of spirit throughout the matches. One thing I really like about him is that he doesn’t forget to sell either.

Meanwhile, the second half was all about the Legacy of Brutality. This was really good stuff. They were a dominant stable in OVW before, and now, they’re looking set to be so again. Zo’s promo was excellent too and his reason to turn heel made perfect sense. Great booking here.


Dean Hill Explains It All

We got a really nice video package covering the highlights of Corey Storm vs. Justin Smooth at the Saturday Night Special. Then, back in the ring, Gilbert asked Dean Hill what his big announcement for September 11th is. He said that the Fight For Freedom show is going to be live as part of their TV deal. He also spoke about the tradition of families watching live wrestling very Tuesday in the Louisville Gardens. Starting October 1st, they’re bringing that back, again as part of the TV deal. He announced that the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, will be at the Fight for Freedom show too.

Justin Smooth then came out to interrupt. He complained that nobody here wanted to see the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, they wanted to see him. The crowd disagreed loudly. He tried to find out who he would be facing next, and Corey Storm came out to join the party. The crowd was really behind Corey. He told Smooth that he had the fight of his life at the SNS, and only one thing saved Smooth. Corey had the match won and was given the title, but the footage showed that he foot on the bottom rope, causing the match to be restarted. Storm showed some footage confirming that when Smooth pinned him, Smooth’s foot was under the rope. Dean Hill was aware of this and announced that there will be a rematch at Fight for Freedom.

That was a good way to end the episode and set up what should be a hot match for the big show.



The matches this week were perhaps a bit hit and miss overall. However, it was a great episode for storyline progression. Overall, it was a decent episode of TV wrestling.

Let’s pick some highlights:

MVP: This has to be Corey Storm. Week in, week out, he’s getting some of the best face reactions from the crowd. The youngster is absolutely a star in the making, and the feud with Justin Smooth is doing him a lot of good. His rematch for the OVW Heavyweight Title should be excellent.

Best Match: This goes to The OVW TV Title Gauntlet. Not as smooth as it has been, but it got two stories over successfully. Given the need for long term booking, that’s a very good thing.

Best Angle/Promo: The Legacy of Brutality promo takes it. Zo’s heel turn was a big surprise, but it could have been messed up if his reasoning wasn’t sound. As it happened, he cut the best promo I’ve heard from him, and lay things out in a clear way. This was a great promo that not only set him up as a major threat again but also got over how dominant the stable could be. Great work.


So, those were my thoughts. But what about yourselves? Did you watch the show? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.



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