Magical Sempai Episode 8

Welcome, one and all, to my continuing series of weekly reviews for the ecchi comedy anime, Magical Sempai, aka Tejina Senpai. After a strong episode last week, the series continued its good run this week. Let’s find out how.

magical sempai 8 chinese sempai

Chinese Sempai

Assistant made his way to the club room, excited at the idea of seeing Sempai in a scanty outfit for Chinese magic. As it turned out, she had a mask on to do ‘bian lian’. Basically, it involves swapping masks at high speed. Not knowing how it works though, they had to figure it out themselves. Ma theorized that they use multiple thin layers and strip them away, hiding them in their sleeves. They tested it with…plastic wrap. But forgot the air holes. Assistant then asked t it could be a person behind them doing the swapping, which led to Sempai rubbing up against his back. Sempai wondered if the masks were rigged to split. She tried getting behind Saki to do the swapping and ended up ripping Saki’s top open.

This was mostly harmless fun. I thought it was funny that Sempai hadn’t researched how to do the trick beforehand, and the various attempts to figure it out were fun. To that end, I didn’t even mind the fan servicey end shot. Good stuff.

magical sempai 8 mentalist sempai

Mentalist Sempai

Sempai is downtrodden. She got told off for practicing magic in class and hasn’t had a chance to get lunch yet. She claimed to have read Assistant’s mind and said he felt sorry for her, but he really just wanted her to get out of his face. Sempai pushed on undeterred though and explained what a mentalist is. Sempai gets her Derren Brown on, and Assistant fires back with his own mindreading.

Again, that was harmless fun. Not laugh out loud funny, but it was still entertaining watching the two of them attempting to read someone’s body language.

Mikan Sempai

Sempai has been given a pile of mikans from a local farmer. She tried a trick based on mikans, then stuck her finger in one and blinded herself.

That was really all there was here. It was a super short section. I have to say though, the final moment with the spraying juice did make me chuckle.

magical sempai 8 internet sempai

Internet Sempai

Sempai was excited as, with the magic club being official, they can now visit nursery schools and old folks home. To that end, she has made a website for the club. It was pretty terrible. So, Saki stepped in and made one, but it presented Sempai as sexy. Assistant was upset in case some old guy wrote in and tried getting Sempai to make rude videos. So, they redid the site again. Sempai made it even worse, by making it look like a rude site. Assistant decided to do it himself.

That was actually really good. I really enjoyed seeing the different attempts at making the site, and how they all failed to do what the site needed to. Even with what was hinted at, it didn’t get too lewd, it was just amusing.

magical sempai 8 delivery sempai

Delivery Sempai

The web advertising worked, and the group got a booking at a nursery. Saki and Ma warmed the crowd up with balloon modeling, and Sempai got all nervous as she walked on. She proceeded to break her cane during the first trick, but the kids loved it. This fueled her to work harder, and she used a reversible drawing trick. The nursery teacher commented that this was good as card tricks might be too much for little ones, and Assistant realized that she must have thought this through a lot. Unfortunately, the reversed picture looked a little rude. Her final trick saw a mini-cane disappear, then a piece of candy. The kids loved it…but figured that she may have hidden it in her clothing, and dove right in.

That was a lot of fun. I was really glad to see it go so well for Sempai. Even the slightly inappropriate for the setting mishaps weren’t terrible, and the whole thing played out well. Really good end for the episode.


I really enjoyed that. The ecchi moments were kept to a minimum, and the humour was all good-natured. To top it all off, Sempai actually had a relatively successful show. All in all, I thought this was one of the stronger offerings so far.

Those were my thoughts, but what about yourselves? Did you enjoy these episodes? Do you agree or disagree with any of my observations? Let me know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Magical Sempai Episode 8

  1. Maybe Sempai should do more nursery shows to build up confidence. She knows how to do the tricks, but messes them up due to nerves. Then again if she became competent the fan service would dry up and people would stop watching haha.


    1. Lol. I do get the impression that that’s the main selling point for most. Though, it feels like ours being less in your face with the fan service than our was at the start. Plus, if Sempai became competent, Saki would still find ways to bring the fan service, at least while Ma is around.


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