Magical Sempai Episode 6 [Anime Episode Review]

Welcome, one and all, to my continuing series of weekly reviews for the ecchi comedy anime, Magical Sempai, aka Tejina Senpai. So far, the show has managed to both make me laugh and make me sigh in frustration. This week, there’s more of both as we finally introduced some new members to the ill-fated Magic Club. Let’s have a look at each part of the episode.

Unknown Sempai

We kicked things off this week with Assistant playing with Behemoth and lamenting that Sempai now knows how much he loves the little fluffball. He couldn’t figure out why she thought he loved her, though he does admire her cup size.  A girl called Saki appeared out of nowhere and agreed that, when it comes to breasts, it’s a case of the bigger the better. She asked if he’s in charge because she wants to hijack the Magic Club! That naturally brought Sempai into play, referring to Saki as a stinking gyaru (the Japanese equivalent of ‘gal’), and the newcomer pulls an impressive balloon flower out of her top. Sempai insisted that she could do it too, but struggled because she’s scared of balloons. Anyway, Saki wanted to join up because street performance and magic are a great combo, but she’d want her little bro to be the club president. She described him as super hot, precious, smart and perfect. Uhm…right. The little bro turns up and he’s somewhat large.

Right, where do I begin with that? It was one of those things where I could see what the jokes were supposed to be, but they didn’t really land for me. The whole far-too-into-your-sibling thing remains a terrible trope in my eyes too. However, it did all come across as a decent piece of storytelling in terms of introducing at least one – maybe two – new club members. Sempai’s attempts to balloon model while absolutely terrified were adorable too.

magical sempai 6 ballons

Gyaru-Pan Sempai

Ma was happy to be an ordinary member rather than the president. Assistant thought this would be a good idea as it would mean the club gets officially recognized. Sempai wasn’t so sure though as becoming the street performance club isn’t how she wanted to keep the magic club alive. She came up with the idea of a compromise: the street magic club. Assistant was grumpy about it, but Saki was into it and beckoned Ma to give a demonstration. He tried to make a balloon doggie but popped the balloon, scaring Sempai. Somehow, it all impressed Saki, who thought his failure was the epitome of talent. Saki then proceeded to scare Sempai even more by pulling out a massive balloon and climbing inside. As Assistant put it, it was impressive, but a little unsettling. The gag here was that, once she got her head out the top and released the air, the massive balloon became skin-tight rubber clothing. She had planned to pop it and walk out unscathed but then noticed that her skirt was missing. It had been pushed off while she was climbing in. With Ma telling her to pull out, Saki decided to not let their performance end badly due to her error and pushes ahead, ending up with her panties on display.

This was actually better in my opinion. The balloon tricks will add a new dimension to the routine, as well as offering more quick gags. Honestly, I thought that Saki accidentally pushing her skirt off and not noticing was an amusing moment too. I’d have rather that she didn’t continue the brotherly love stuff, and really, she didn’t need to follow through with the trick, but overall, this was a good scene. Sempai was understanding about the screw-up too, and I’m loving her reactions to balloon pops.

magical sempai 6 clothes

Measuring Sempai

Saki hyped up street performances and Assistant tossed out an erection joke. Sempai didn’t want to be outdone and wanted to put on a performance too. Assistant didn’t want to make it competitive but soon figured out that she has a pure soul and just wanted to show them some magic tricks. Things got off to a mixed start when Sempai made her cane appear from nowhere and it whomped Assistant in the gut. She followed up with the disappearing coin trick, but she dropped the coin and flashed her panties. Then she stuck her hand down Assistant’s pants while trying to make the coin reappear. Oh dear. Sempai and Saki got into a fight about the club name again, by which I mean they pushed their chests together and argued while the camera zoomed in. Sempai’s sister turned up, offering to be the club advisor. She decided to settle the quarrel by…weighing the girls’ boobs. Because of course she would. Sempai won.

Crikey, Saki’s fingers looked mangled in the opening scene. That’s the first time I‘ve noticed something in the show that looks that bad. I hope that’s not a sign for the future. The whole magic show fell back on the fan service moments more than it needed to for my liking. And Sempai’s sister? Yeah, as soon as she turned up, I could see where this was going. I rather suspect this whole section was there just to remind us that Saki isn’t the only one who can bring the lewd moments.

magical sempai 6 cat hypnosis

Suspicious Sempai

Sempai tried to hypnotize Assistant using a ‘hypnotism for dummies’ book. She actually gave a brief explanation of some of the theory behind achieving a trance-like state here. She had been planning to make Assistant like her puppet, which he wasn’t thrilled about. She realized that Assistant fits the bill for a typical person that’s difficult to hypnotize and said he should try it on her. He decided to try transferring her sense of touch to a plastic bottle. It worked rather well, with her falling over laughing while he tickled the bottle’s bottom. When he moved his attention to somewhere nearer the top though, she felt it somewhere else that she wouldn’t say. It was pretty obvious that it was her breasts.

The bumper length section continued with Assistant realizing he’d overdone it. Then, as it was Sempai who asked to be hypnotized, he decided to lock the door so that he could ‘have some fun to get her back for all she’s put him through.’ That sounded terrible. He managed to convince her she was at a hot spring, and she started stripping. Assistant had an attack of conscience, but the book said that you can’t get a hypnotized person to do something they don’t really want to do. Which he took as her wanting to go to a hot spring with him. He ended up deciding she’s just an idiot though and tried to call it off…only she’d already undone her bra, so it was too late.

Assistant tried covering for himself by telling her that she’s naked because she’s a cat, complete with fur, ears and a tail. So she scratched him across the face with her claws. Good. He finally did something good by trying to use the hypnosis to cure her of her stage fright. Given that that’s one of the show’s two main jokes, you can guess how it went. Yup, it failed.

That was an unusual section. Assistant is growing more and more unlikable by the episode right now, and the whole taking advantage shenanigans were unwelcome for me. I will give him credit for backing out of the whole hot spring thing and trying to cure her of her biggest obstacle though. The kitty scratch did make me laugh, so job done there. Oh, and I always enjoy it when they give some explanation as to what they’re doing, like with the hypnotism here.


That had good and bad points. Sibling obsession is a massive no-no for me, and the episode relied a little too heavily on the fan service at times too. Assistant’s fall from sweet to sinister isn’t great either. However, the things the show did well did shine through. Sempai is undoubtedly the star of the show, and her reactions to the balloons were adorably cute. I liked that she got some revenge on Assistant when he turned her into a cat too. Meanwhile, bar her crush on her little brother, I do think that Saki has the potential to add to the group. She seems to be a little prone to slip-ups, much like Sempai is, and that opens up more space for the fun gags.

So, overall, this was a mixed episode, but one that I enjoyed. Here’s hoping the next one builds on it.

Those were my thoughts, but what about yourselves? Did you enjoy these episodes? Do you agree or disagree with any of my observations? Let me know in the comments below.


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