OVW TV 1041 – The Snake Strikes [Wrestling Review]

OVW TV 1041 – The Snake Strikes

On commentary tonight are Gilbert Corsey and Bruce Snyder.

We open with highlights from last week, complete with epic music. After that, we cut to Gilbert Corsey in the ring. He confirms that OVW is returning to Fourth Street, and throws us over to a video with CEO Al Snow. He talks about Fight For Freedom event on September 11th, and announces the new weekly TV deal.

OVW Anarchy Title Number One Contenders Fatal Four-Way Hardcore Match: ‘Real Deal’ Randall Floyd vs. Drew Hernandez vs. Dimes vs. Dustin Jackson

That’s quite a list of competitors, isn’t it? All four have been featured prominently in the OVW TV Title division, and both Dustin and Dimes have also been mixing it up in the Heavyweight Title scene. I’ve got to say, Drew is looking quite trim too. The competitors initially paired off with Drew attacking Dimes and Dustin and Randall picking up where they left off last week. Soon enough though, everyone was doing their best to get some shots in on everyone else. Things picked up after Drew Hernandez brought a chair into play, but it never quite got into a high gear. The big story was the rivalry between Dustin and Randall, which I’m assuming will lead to a no time limit match down the line. In the end, Dimes took both guys out with a double Change Maker, but when he tried to do the same to Drew Hernandez, he got nailed with a match winning low blow. Entertaining, but not as wild as the OVW Anarchy Title matches can get. Drew Hernandez vs. Sinn Bodhi should be a really good though. Given that he’s not only a regular on TV, but also a serial cheater, I expect Hernandez to win that. The Anarchy style fits his persona, I think. My only concern is that that kinda leave Dimes without a clear path forward right now. Still, there’s plenty of time until Fight For Freedom, so I’m sure they’ll build something up for him.

Hanging With The Champ

‘The Trinidad Titan’ Justin Smooth was still hanging out in New York. He cuts a decent, short promo about his match with Corey Storm at the upcoming Saturday Night Special.

Friends No More?

Backstage, William Lutz and Ashton Cove argued about the OVW TV Title Gauntlet last week. Shiloh Jonze and DL3 cut in, with Shiloh making it clear he views himself as the favourite in the match. DL3 wasn’t as into it though, and is very half-hearted in his support of his stablemate. After last week’s Thunder Kitty shenanigans, that’s to be expected. Shiloh brushes it off as being a case of tag team partners: you can’t live with them, you can’t murder them. William Lutz said, “Yeah, Unless you got a place to hide the body,” which left Cove looking most put out. Could we see a double turn here?

OVW TV Title Gauntlet

Aamon was in first, and he was taking on ‘Livewire’ KTD. ‘Satan’s Favourite Sinner’ tore into KTD before the bell, and looked set for a dominant win. It wasn’t to be though, as KTD hit a sunset flip out of nowhere to score the upset. He couldn’t build on this though, as former champ William Lutz ran in while KTD was still celebrating and hit a backslide for the quick pin.

Hy Zaya, one half of the team that’s facing King’s Ransom at the next SNS, was next in. This one actually went back and forth a little more than I expected. In the end, Lutz picked up the win by count-out when Hy Zaya’s Legacy of Brutality tag partner Ca$h Flo and the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions King’s Ransom marched out, and a brawl ensued.

Once the referees cleared the ringside, Ashton Cove came out. Aston was all business this week, and threw his tag partner all over the place. One Unprettier later, and he scored the quick win. Shiloh Jonze was out after that, with DL3 and Big D trailing slowly behind. DL3’s body language throughout this was great, and Shiloh bumped like crazy for Cove. In the end, despite DL3 stopping Big D form interfering twice, Shiloh was able to score the pin after throwing Cove headfirst into the ring post.

Defending champion Zo was the last man in, and immediately took full advantage of Shiloh being distracted by his stablemates. At one point, Shiloh seemed to be literally begging for help, but it just wasn’t coming. Shiloh fell prey to the Zo Driver to end the match.

That was decent, and served to advance a couple of different angles. There’s certainly some dissension between Lutz and Cove, and both guys had a chance to shine this week. It was fun seeing Cove once again unconscious in the corner until the end of the match too. Meanwhile, KTD finally got his win, only to scupper it shortly after. Zo continues to be all business. And Entourage 2.0? Well, that’s heading where it needs to.

Justin Smooth Is Out On The Town

Justin wanted something to eat, so started heading to Hooters. He said that Corey Storm had no chance of beating him. Short and to the point.

Cali Young & ‘Hip Hop VV’ Valerie Vermin vs. Margaritas And Moonshine [Jessie Belle & Maria James]

Valerie is preparing for her OVW Women’s Title Match with Megan Bayne, and Jessie and Maria appear to be drunk faces. The commentary team pointed out that all the women involved other than Valerie had previously held the OVW Women’s Title. The match itself was a little slow, but I have to say, Cali came out of it look pretty good. The main takeaway came during the finish though; Valerie snapped and got her team disqualified after a pair of nice looking baseball bat shots. With Valerie giving up so much size to Megan Bayne, she needs the equalizer, and this gives her that.

Post Match Shenanigans

Valerie knocked the referee out with the bat and looked set to attack her opponents again until the other referees came out and tried to calm her. I was surprised not to see Megan do a run-in here, but the angle was kept short, and achieved what it needed to.

Let’s Hear From Corey Storm

The eighteen year old has a real connection with the crowd. Just like the current champ, he’s confident as he heads into his match at the SNS. Before Corey can finish talking, Adam Revolver and Shannon The Dude come out to interrupt. Shannon runs the challenger down verbally, and while he keeps Corey’s attention, Revolver sneaks in and attacks. They leave Corey laying as the show goes off air. I liked this as it essentially set up a clash between Storm and Revolver which, given that Revolver is a real veteran for OVW, should give Storm a good way to get some more momentum heading into his title match with Justin Smooth.

A Wild Sinn Bodhi Appears After The Credits

Another short video promo from the OVW Anarchy Champion. Much like last week, it was creepy.




The overall quality of the show was not as high as the previous episode, but there wasn’t anything bad either. The matches were fine, and the angles went a long way to setting other things up, so what more could you want?

Let’s pick some highlights:

MVP: I’m actually going to give this to Valerie Vermin. Her role in the tag match was limited until the very end, but those bat shots looked genuinely brutal. Up until then, it was hard to buy her as a threat to the current OVW Women’s Champ, Megan Bayne. Now though, if she can find a way to get the bat into play, she could have a shot at getting her first OVW Title.

Best Match: This goes to The OVW TV Title Gauntlet. Not near the quality of the best gauntlets, but instrumental in pushing multiple storylines forward. It did exactly what it needed to do, and that’s really all you can ask form.

Best Angle/Promo: The Dissension In The Entourage 2.0 definitely takes this one. The pay-off for the Thunder Kitty storyline has been a long time coming, and DL3 was superb in his role this week. His body language and facial expressions were awesome, and him being part of the reason that Shiloh lost was well executed. I look forward to when these two finally end up squaring off.


So, those were my thoughts. But what about yourselves? Did you watch the show? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.




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