OVW TV 1040: The Storm Approaches

OVW TV Episode 1040

We open with OVW Heavyweight Champion ‘The Trinidad Titan’ standing in Times Square. He talks about how he and Corey Storm are like night and day. Good, short promo to build up the main event for the Saturday Night Special on August 3rd.

After that, we cut to the commentary team, Gilbert Corsey, Josh Ashcraft, and Ted McNaler. They also talk about the SNS, with a focus on the Smooth vs. Storm match. Then, we throw to the ring for the opening contest.

ovw ohio valley wrestling tv youtube episode 1040 dustin jackson randall floyd

‘The Real Deal’ Randall Floyd vs. ‘The Bro God’ Dustin Jackson

These are two of my favourite faces on the roster, and both should be big stars for OVW for some time to come if they can avoid injuries. As a showcase for both men, this was excellent. The two traded moves for the full ten minutes, making it a pure back and forth time limit draw. Honestly, it was about as good as any match you’ll see on wrestling TV this year. Both competitors got to show off their big moves, and the slower moments saw both consistent selling, and slow-building on the holds. Need an example? Randall Floyd working toward cinching in the ab stretch while Jackson tries to push his hand away and avoid him applying the lock fully was great. The little touches like that are what makes it easy for a crowd to believe in the fight. On top of that, the commentary team did a great job of putting both Floyd and Jackson over. Great stuff from all involved.

Let’s Hear From Corey Storm And Jay Bradley

Corey Storm came to the ring to a good reaction and talked about Justin Smooth. He was upset about the champ talking down to him like a kid, and talked about how hard he works to be where he is. He then started to talk his opponent for tonight, Jay Bradley. Bradley interrupted and tore into him verbally. This was a good, heated segment that got the crowd excited for the main event.

 ovw ohio valley wrestling tv youtube episode 1040 corey storm jay bradley

Thunder Kitty Living It up

We cut to Thunder Kitty and Shiloh Jonze walking arm in arm. Shiloh had a great line: ‘I said, wrecked him? I darn near killed him. And that’s how I learned to keep my mouth shut during court proceedings.’ They go to get ice cream.

OVW TV Title Gauntlet

Defending champion William Lutz is out first, and he’s facing his regular tag partner, Ashton Cove. Lutz tried to get Cove to lie down for him, but he refused, and the two came to blows. After bumping Lutz around, Cover accidentally knocked himself out on the ring post, giving the champ a quick, easy win.

Maximus Khan, one half of the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, King’s Ransom, is out next. Corsey reminded us that Lutz and Cove actually gave King’s Ransom their first loss in OVW while Khan threw the champ around. Hy-Zaya and Ca$h Flo wandered out early on – they’re facing King’s Ransom at the SNS – and Khan dove to the outside. Though he took it to the heels, he was inevitably counted out. The announcement of the result distracted Khan, and the heels beat him down while Lutz recovered in the ring.

Drew Hernandez came out next and was looking confident, as Lutz was still hurting in the corner. Hernandez tried a Mayan Apocalypse straight away, and Lutz actually tried to fire up. Hernandez almost got himself disqualified by throwing Lutz over the top rope behind the referee’s back, which I didn’t realize was a rule that OVW were enforcing. This came into play again later on, when the referee caught the big man doing the same again and called for the bell.

Next out was ‘Livewire’ KTD, who has been arguing his case for an opportunity for a while now. He tried a bunch of roll-ups to start things off, but Lutz wasn’t giving in so easily. He finally tried to launch some offense by going up top, but Lutz fell onto the ropes and KTD ended up crotching himself and falling, giving Lutz a shockingly quick win.

The final competitor was Zo. The big man was all business from the get-go and absolutely destroyed Lutz, scoring the quick pin with a Zo Driver.

All in all, this was a good gauntlet. While the set up didn’t really give Lutz a chance to show that he’s technically quite apt, his scraping through the matches routine was a fun one. I also found it funny seeing Ashton Cover laying unconscious in the corner from the moment he lost to the end of the gauntlet. Meanwhile, Zo looked good in no-nonsense mode, and he’s a good choice for TV champion.

Meanwhile, At The Ice Cream Parlour…

This was a short little segment about Shiloh using ice cream puns to flirt. In the end, they get a bit frisky and fall to the floor. Poor old DL3 happens to walk by at that point and looks through the window. He’s not happy. I’m happy to see this moving towards the eventual pay-off.

ovw ohio valley wrestling tv youtube episode 1040 dl3

Hanging With Valerie Vermin And Megan Bayne

The number one contender to the OVW Women’s Title comes to the ring and riles the crowd up. She hypes her match with Megan Bayne at the upcoming SNS, and the champ comes out to interrupt. Bayne drives Valerie from the ring by just walking towards her. She started cutting a good promo on her opponent, but Vermin returned and attacked her from behind. You can’t outpower Megan Bayne though, and the champion soon fought back and drove her away again. Good segment.

Justin Smooth At Times Square

In an oddly face-like moment, Justin Smooth was seen taking photos with fans. He almost got in a fight with a passerby, but nothing in this really screamed heel.

Jay Bradley vs. Corey Storm

Corey Storm’s ring gear tonight isn’t a million miles from what mine used to look like. That made me smile. This told a nice, simple story of power vs. speed. They played it well with each of Bradley’s moves doing more cumulative damage than Storm’s, but with the youngster not being willing to stay down. Storm picked up the victory with a series of kicks followed by an O’Connor Roll with a bridge in a decent, competitive match.

A Wild Sinn Bodhi Appears

After the end sequence, the screen cut to a pre-taped promo from Sinn Bodhi. This was as creepy as you’d expect.



Top to bottom, this was a really good show. While the second Justin Smooth segment felt out of character, and the Sinn Bodhi promo didn’t really set anything up, both of these were kept short. Everything else had a clear purpose in mind, and everybody involved worked hard to make things work. Well worth a watch.

Let’s pick some highlights:

MVP: This has to be Corey Storm. Much has been made of him being a rookie, but he’s proving himself worthy of his title shot right now. His promo showed him to have some natural charisma, and the match with Jay Bradley let him display both some fire and the ability to use his big moves without forgetting to sell. While I still expect him to lose at the Saturday Night Special, the future is bright for Storm.

Best Match: This goes to Dustin Jackson vs. Randall Floyd. Both guys needed something to help them look strong after coming up short in the Midsummer Nightmare Tournament, and this was that. The result seemed frustrating for the fans, but honestly, I can’t fault either guy here. They both excelled at the little things, like the fight and cinch in the aforementioned ab stretch, and that made this feel a lot more legitimate. Great work from both guys.

Best Angle/Promo: I’m going to give this to Corey Storm and Jay Bradley. Like I said, Corey has a natural charisma that’s beginning to show now, and he seemed really assured on the mic. His transition from hyping his SNS match to talking about his opponent on this show was seamless. Meanwhile, Jay Bradley played his character well and made a point of showing what the bigger guys would realistically think of the youngster. Really well done.


So, those were my thoughts. But what about yourselves? Did you watch the show? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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