Pit Fighters 2. Orientation by Rick Griffin [Book Review – Furry/LGBTQ]

pit fighters 2 orientation rick grifin furry lgbtq

Title: Pit Fighters 2. Orientation

Author/Illustrator: Rick Griffin

Publisher: RGS Studios

Length: 44 pages

Genre: Furry / LGBTQ

After discovering his contract has him trapped in the lowest ranks of the pit fighters, Paris tries to make the most of it–or at least, he will once he can get over the jitters that comes with fighting for real.

This book contains some adult content and situations. 


Picking up right where Pit Fighters 1. The Opportunity left off, we rejoin lovable would-be fighter Paris as he continues his journey. What I found interesting here is that the book is, in some ways, the polar opposite of the first volume.

The endearing parent/child relationship of Tyree and Paris is nowhere to be found, as the bunny is now well and truly stuck in his new home. This does nothing to damage the story though as it actually creates a nice contrast. Without the familiar, longstanding relationships in place, Paris is having to start afresh. While he does make some friends, watching him trying to find his footing in this new – not to mention aggressive – world draws you in.

Meanwhile, the hinting at explicit acts has been replaced with a middle ground between this and erotica. What we essentially get here is a continued mention of the sort of things that go on, and one encounter between Paris and a skunk named Porte. It’s worth noting that the experience is not a pleasant one for Paris, and it, in fact, leaves him quite conflicted. For some readers, that may be an issue. Be aware though that what happens does not go as far as you may worry, and for those that aren’t into erotica, it does stop short of being a full-blown x-rated scene.

There’s more action this time around too as Paris experiences his first round of fights, both in a practice and tournament setting. While his only opponent in his book is Porte, we get to have a look at Paris from two different angles here. Once as a rank amateur with no confidence, and once as a focused, quick-thinking fighter that has some potential if he can hone his skills.

Outside Paris, we get to spend a little more time with his bunkmate Logan, and there’s a really fun dynamic between the two there. We also meet Kinny, an opossum with both solid skills and a somewhat closed personality. Then, of course, there’s the brash bully that is Porte. While our lead is the most lovable – as he should be – the supporting cast is growing, and each has a clearly defined personality. They all fit well within the world, and slot into certain roles for our hero here, being the friend, teacher, and rival that are needed to push the novella forward.

The novella again features some lovely insert art from Rick too, and it’s just as good as in the first book. I love Rick’s cartoony but emotive style in this universe, it fits well with the story and still feels very him.

Overall, this was another easy, single-sitting read. The change in interpersonal relationship tone – but not in overall story tone – was executed brilliantly, and the story is moving along at a decent pace. Paris remains a lead that you want to succeed, and the art is great. This gets a consistent 4 out of 5 from me.

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