Magical Sempai Episode 4 [Anime Review]

Week four of my Magical Sempai aka Tejina Sempai anime episode recaps/reviews is here. Did I enjoy this latest episode? Let’s find out by diving into the individual skits.

Celebrating Sempai

The basis of this episode is that it’s the one month anniversary of Assistant joining the Magic Club, so Sempai wants to celebrate with some magic. She starts off with a magical rope that can’t be cut. Except she cuts it and can’t get it back together without tying a knot in it. When she tries using the same rope to pull through Assistant’s arm, she succeeds only in forcing him to elbow her in the breasts. A card trick fails too, and then we get to the kicker: Sempai’s big sister appears in the magic box and reveals that the club application has been rejected as they don’t have enough members.

I actually quite liked this. It wasn’t really laugh out loud funny, but Sempai’s complete lack of skills is certainly endearing. It plays off Assistant’s straight-laced approach well. The reveal at the end of the segment was a good way to set up the continued theme for the episode too.

Scouting Sempai

Big sis tells them to resubmit the form by next week, and Assistant resigns himself to joining another club. He tries to tell the now upset Sempai that he’ll come and visit her, and she gets all dark and scary, telling him she’ll meddle with him to her very last breath. Assistant visits the art club, only to find Sempai painting a recruitment poster. She’s also at the newspaper club, messing up their finely printed works with her milk and ripping paper tricks. Finally, he visits the fortune-telling club, where he finds Sempai in disguise. She tells him that the future foretold in his tarot cards says he should search for members for the magic club. He runs and she gives chase. As it happens, not even anime physics can stop her, and Sempai is roped into trying out for the athletics club. After setting a new record, she tries to recruit the runners.

That was a very good-natured but. From Sempai’s creepy proclamation at the start to the Scooby-Doo style disguises, that was a lot of fun. Even the shift of focus to ‘Sempai has a large chest’ in the second half wasn’t as grating as I expected, largely because the shenanigans themselves were so amusing. Good stuff.

magical sempai episode 4 scouting sempai tejina senpai

Pigeon, Pigeon, and Sempai

Sempai’s love of pigeons continued as she now has two new ones. Why? To fill the void left by Assistant’s absence, of course! She actually didn’t too do badly with them this time, and seeing the whole thing about pigeons begging for misting was actually quite interesting. Of course, being an ecchi series, there had to be a lewd moment, so the misting led to a shot of a very wet shirt and a clearly visible bra underneath. The final scene where the pigeons are keeping Sempai up at night despite her saying they sleep at night was funny though.

The whole girl wets her shirt and doesn’t realize it’s now see-through thing still isn’t funny to me, but again, the brunt of that was pretty good. You could see the final moment coming a mile away, but it was still a good joke. Learning about pigeons was also fun.

Sempai Finishes The Job

It’s Assistant’s last day in the club, so Sempai wants to do some sword magic! She gives Assistant the choice of being the stabber or stabbee, and he, of course, chooses to be the stabber. So, what we got here was a demonstration of two ways the trick can work. One with the person in the box actually hiding underneath it, and one with them being inside but dodging the swords. The upshot was that Assistant gets a flash of Sempai’s panties in the first version, then rips her clothes in the second, leaving her wearing little more than her underwear.

Okay, even with the fan service at the end, that actually made me laugh. When Assistant was putting the swords in, we cut to the outside of the room, and the chemistry professor walking by heard Sempai yelling to take it out of her butt because it hurts. Was it rather rude? Yes. Was it a simple misunderstanding? Yes, too. That made the part of me that grew up watching Bottom giggle.

Magic Club Sempai

Sempai is doing a routine where she welcomes people to the magic club. She does all the flashy poses and successfully performs two appearing-disappearing pigeon tricks, as well as the cutting the banknote trick. Then she asks her assistant to help tie her up for the rope escape trick…but he’s no longer there. That was sad. She ties herself up and all of a sudden, Assistant appears! He made a deal with the professor running the chemistry club to join in name only so that he could hang out with Sempai, just until she retires. Aww! Sempai then fails to escape the rope.

That final section was genuinely brilliant. The feels when she remembered Assistant wasn’t there, and when he came back, were great. It was awesome seeing Sempai get the tricks right. And when she failed at the end? That just confirmed that stage fright is her biggest weakness in performing. That was just plain great as a segment.


I’ve got to say; this was an enjoyable episode for me. Most of the humour was on point, and the ending was really quite sweet. This was great. But what about yourselves? Did you watch it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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