Blog Post: Award and Break

Hey everyone. This is just a quick post to share a little news.


I’m going to start with the Rainbow Awards. This a yearly book award that celebrates LGBTQIA literature in all its forms. The awards raise money for LGBTQIA charities and are judged by groups of volunteers who read and review the nominated books. Today, I woke up to the news that my novel LV48 [The Cassie Tam Files 3] got an honorable mention!

The note from the announcement read as follows:

“This novel was easy to get engaged with. The characters were interesting and different enough so that each one stood out in my head with ease. I liked the idea of a strong female lead and I loved that her being a lesbian was a non issue (as it should be). I found the backdrop for the story interesting and I really wanted more of that, but I loved what I got. The author was able to craft a good mystery but didn’t bog us down in details that made the story lag. Overall it was a fun read and I enjoyed it.”

Now, everything is still ongoing, so the final results could yet see it upgraded to a full award. Even if it doesn’t get that though, I am absolutely thrilled by this! So, yay!

As a note too, if you want to read any of my lesbian mystery/sci-fi novels, the first three books [Addict – The Fox, The Dog, and The King – LV48] are still half price on Smashwords until the end of the month. CLICK HERE to grab them while they’re cheap!


My second piece of news: There are two posts going live tomorrow. I’m not going to be around much next week though. I have one book spotlight post queued up, but that’s it. Reason being, I’m feeling a little burnt out right now. Which is why I haven’t been as active replying to people’s posts beyond dropping a like of late.

Generally, I try to keep my posts to four-week cycles, and this month conveniently ends mid-week, so it makes sense to take a break next week. That gives me a chance to do a number of things: relax with my kids, catch-up on next month’s posts, work on some other projects, and recharge a little.  Hopefully, I’ll also get to read and respond to others a little more during that time. I know, I know, that sounds pretty busy.  Not keeping up with things in real-time is a break for me though. I need that right now.

And that’s about it. Cheers for reading everyone!

5 thoughts on “Blog Post: Award and Break

  1. First off: Congratulations on the honorable mention! That is truly awesome, and I really hope it will get upgraded! You simply deserve that so there😊
    Secondly sorry to hear you are feeling a little burned out. Don’t worry about responding to blog posts or being here. Take care of yourself first. Sometimes there are things that are simply more important, and your health is certainly one of them. Take care, and I really hope you will feel better soon. In the meantime I will be looking forward to your return, but only when you feel up to it! 😊


    1. Thank you, on both counts. I was really happy to see it go up for that book in particular as I’d my favourite in the series so far. As to the break, I absolutely agree, health is definitely important. Taking the odd break here and there is something I need to do really. It’s just getting around to it.


      1. Yeah, tell me about it. Obviously my health has been really bad this year, so I just had to take a break…but if I didn’t I might have quit blogging altogether. So in the end I am glad that I did 😊 I wish you the best, and hope you will be alright soon 😊


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