OVW TV 1037 & 1038

Welcome, one and all, to my latest OVW TV review. This week, I’ve been a little behind, so we’re looking at two episodes! Let’s get straight into it.

OVW Episode 1037 – The Titan of Terror

On commentary this week was Gilbert Corsey, Josh Ashcraft, and Ted McNaler.

We opened with a highlight package o the ongoing Smooth/Jackson/Dimes situation, Megan Bayne’s challenge to Thunder Kitty, and Randall Floyd’s TV Title Gauntlet dominance. After that, it was over to the commentary team to talk about the upcoming Saturday Night Special. The most interesting thing to come out of it was the mention that Dean Hill is scouting teams to face King’s Ransom. Some new faces in the tag division would be good.

Justin Smooth Is Upset

Justin Smooth came out to demand that Dean Hill give him a match with the masked man. Gilbert told him that Dean Hill was away looking at tag teams, and Smooth ran through the fact that the Commissioner wasn’t there tonight a few times. He then claimed that, being the OVW Heavyweight Champion, that made him next in line to be in charge. Gilbert tried to tell him that that’s not how it works, but Smooth was having none of it. Good, simple, opening promo.

‘Mr. Marvelous’ Melvin Maximus [w/Miss. Marvelous] vs. ‘Livewire’ KTD

This was a continuation of Melvin’s dominance, as he won a very quick match with little more than his Russian Leg Sweep. Gilbert on commentary also mentioned that KTD is getting a growing chip on his shoulder about his spot in OVW, so I’m thinking he’s going to snap sooner rather than later. Fine as a squash.

Backstage With Justin Smooth

Smooth was walking through the back harassing employees as he hunts for the masked man. He even lifted a guy up by the throat and held him against the wall.

Chace Destiny vs. ‘The Boy Wonder’ Sam Thompson

During the entrances, Gilbert told us that we just saw Corey Storm defeat Nigel Winters. We actually didn’t but there you go. The main thing was that there’s a four way rivalry brewing with The Void, Storm, and Thompson. The match never got started as Smooth interrupted and floored both guys, officially making the match a no-contest.

Smooth Runs The Show

Smooth got some great heat here and offered the masked man an opportunity to come out and face him. When nobody appeared, he said he’ll go backstage and keep looking for him. This was good, but I hope Smooth doesn’t interrupt more of the matches.

OVW TV Title Gauntlet

Brandon Espinosa and Kyle Roberts were out first. This was short but sweet. Bar a botched springboard late on, Harley Race trainee Roberts did well with his time. Meanwhile, Espinosa was continuing his run of being very consistent in his appearances for OVW. The veteran won it with a brainbuster.

Defending champion ‘The Real Deal’ Randall Floyd was out next. This looked like it would be a squash at first, but Espinosa was able to avoid a Deal Breaker and mount a comeback. The match went back and forth for a few minutes, but the result was never in doubt. Espinosa attempted another brainbuster, and Floyd reversed it into a Deal Breaker for the win.

Drew Hernandez entered next and the two started trading strikes. The commentary team mentioned competitors targeting Floyd’s head due to his concussion issues in the past, which was a nice touch. Both guys kept this one simple, but made everything count, with both Floyd’s suplex on Hernandez, and Drew’s back body drop looking good. This was mostly about the former champion showing that he’s still a competitor, but it wasn’t quite enough, as Floyd rolled through a Mayan Apocalypse attempt to pick up the victory.

The second to last entrant was Justin Smooth’s hired gun, Jay Bradley, and he went straight to work, bullying Floyd all over the ring.  The match ended during the break, with Floyd scoring a crucifix pin out of nowhere for the win.

William Lutz was out last. It was mentioned that it was Lutz’s twenty-first birthday, and the commentary team had a laugh at the concept that he could win the title on his birthday just like Megan Bayne did. After a strong showing at Fight at Fort Knox, this was more of a typical TV Lutz performance at the start. He stalled, missed a moonsault, and then got smacked about by a rallying Floyd. In a shocking moment though, Floyd missed an elbow and Lutz nailed a roll-up to capture the OVW TV Title!

This was fine overall. I’d have liked to see more of Espinosa and the Floyd vs. Bradley match, but Lutz getting the upset victory was nice to see. He’s far better than many realize, and there was some genuine shock on the faces of multiple crowd members. Here’s hoping he gets to show what he can do during his run with the belt.

Justin Smooth and KTD

KTD was getting a massage backstage when Smooth turned up and asked if he’d seen the masked man. He said no, so Smooth threw him out of the chair and took his place.

OVW Women’s Title Match: Megan Bayne [champion] vs. Thunder Kitty

The 98 year old wresting extraordinaire was taking a break from her shenanigans with Entourage 2.0 to make a play for the women’s title here. The two started to circle and then…Justin Smooth came out again.


The OVW Heavyweight Champion told the women that nobody wanted to see the women wrestle, they wanted to see him take care of the masked man, so they can take their pretty asses backstage and fix the champ a sandwich. Megan stood up to him and told him that the women’s championship is as important as his and this is their time, so he should go backstage and make them a sandwich. Smooth retorted that she had three seconds to leave or he’d make his boot tongue kiss her face. Kitty then cut in and told him that she doesn’t know who he thinks he is, but he ain’t. She laid into him verbally too, and Smooth ended up getting angry. He shoved both women down, then attacked Ted McNaler when he tried to calm him down.

Smooth continued to call out the masked man, then attacked the female ring announcers, Brittney and Mercy. Josh Ashcraft then got up from the commentary table and tried to stand up to him, but he too ended up laid out. With the crowd chanting his name, Gilbert got up next and tried pleading with the champion. Smooth tried to drag him over the top rope, but the masked man ran in to make the save. Before he could attack though, Smooth grabbed Mercy and threatened to punch her if he didn’t unmask. The masked man did so, and of course, it was Dimes.

Smooth was the only one that was shocked, but Dimes got a good reaction. Dustin Jackson then appeared and speared the champ, before laying in punches. The challenger drove the champ off to end the show.


This was more of an angle than a show in many ways. The two matches we got were a squash and a gauntlet, so individual encounters were mostly kept short. The main story was, of course, Justin Smooth trying to close things off with the masked man. Honestly, I’d have preferred Smooth not to have interrupted the matches that he did.

In terms of the big pay-off at the end, it had both good and bad. The women standing up to Smooth was the right way to go, but he took them both out with a shove. Given how well protected Megan has been in terms of power, that seemed counter-productive. Smooth is a heat magnet though, and his laying waste to the staff continued to build him as a dick heel. Whether this was all worth it will depend on how Dean Hill eventually deals with him, I think.


OVW Episode 1038 – Consequences For A Change

On commentary this week was Gilbert Corsey, Josh Ashcraft and Shannon The Dude.

We opened with a video package about Justin Smooth’s reign of terror last week.

Dean Hill Lays Down The Law

After the opening video, Gilbert welcomed Commissioner Dean Hill to the ring. He ran through Smooth’s misdemeanors last week and demanded to know what will happen to the champion now. Dean Hill said that he had a number of things to deal with. The first thing was that there was a young man who lied to him and broke his heart, so he wanted Dimes to come out to the ring.

The youngster obliged, and Hill told him that he was his biggest fan. He told him that he was suspended but he still had a career ahead of him in OVW. Now that he knew he was the masked man, he’d been backed into a corner because he should now be left with no choice but to remove him from the OVW roster. He thought about it though and said that really when he unmasked, he was taking a bullet to save the OVW staff. As such, Dean decided to punish him with time served. That meant that Dimes was immediately reinstated.

Justin Smooth then interrupted and was looking pretty angry about it all. He complained about Dean’s decision and called him the stupidest commission he’d ever seen. Dean was having none of it though and lost his cool. He yelled the champion down and told him that he could strip him of the title and suspend him for 90 days. He won’t though because he realized that Dimes is due an OVW Heavyweight Title rematch due to him. Smooth is supposed to be defending against Dustin Jackson though, and he can’t punish Dustin, so he’s made a change to the match. Justin Smooth will now defend the OVW Heavyweight Title at the Saturday Night Special against Dustin Jackson and Dimes in a Three-Way Dance.

Ted McNaler wasn’t happy about the decision and ran into the ring to get in Dean’s face. He yelled and swore about how if Justin Smooth behaved that way anywhere else, he’d be fired and arrested. He was upset because Justin laid his hands on his wife, and reminded Dean that he was the one that married them. He demanded that, if Justin was not being fired, he wanted him in that ring right now.

Dean said that he had not considered what it would feel like if he put his hands on his wife. He made the match official and called for an official. Daniel Spencer, the referee that Smooth laid out last week, came out while Ted took his shirt off.

For a moment, I thought that this was a good angle with a poor finish. Really, giving him another opponent is punishing Dustin Jackson, even if indirectly. Once Ted got in the ring though, I was happy. That was a great way to finish it off, and Ted is a really sympathetic face in this instance.

Dr. Ted McNaler vs. ‘The Trinidad Titan’ Justin Smooth

The OVW Heavyweight Champion started off not taking this one very seriously, and casually walked his way around the outside. Ted was fired up though and hit a tope, then started laying in strikes while Gilbert reminded us that Ted was a trained wrestler, he was just not active. Smooth took over pretty quickly and started beating on the former OVW TV and Tag Team Champion.

The crowd were hot for this one and came alive when Ted made his comeback. Dimes got involved, stepping in the line of fire to protect Brittney, playing up on the protector role that Dean placed him too. Shortly after, the action returned to the ring. Smooth nailed Street Justice but refused to make the pin, causing Brittney to jump in the ring. Smooth advanced on her and she hit a low blow, then rolled Ted on top. The referee pretended not to see the attack and counted the three to give Ted McNaler the win!

That was really well put together, and the crowd got a feel-good moment at the end of it. Excellently entertaining stuff.

Mixed Tag Action Is Coming To The SNS

Gilbert invited Megan to the ring and said that there had been an altercation on social media between her and Shiloh Jonze. Megan had asked for a mixed tag match, Entourage 2.0 and Thunder Kitty vs Megan Bayne and King’s Ransom. Gilbert confirmed that Dean Hill has approved the match for the SNS. Megan started to talk, but Entourage 2.0 came out to interrupt.

Shiloh told them that Thunder Kitty can’t compete as she had to defend her Bingo Championship, and DL3 said that she also had to watch her ‘Murder She Wrote’ VHS tapes. She also had to catalog her Werther’s Originals collection and do some medical meetings.

Gilbert didn’t believe them and asked what was really going on. Shiloh said that Megan was a large woman and he didn’t want Kitty to get hurt. DL3 agreed, and the two started arguing about whether they love Thunder Kitty. Eventually, they got to the point and said that they’d recruited Valerie Vermin. Valerie came out and told Megan that when she beats her, she wanted a shot at the title. Megan replied that she beat Valerie once and would be happy to do so again.

When Megan turned to leave, Valerie attacked her but managed zero damage. Megan kicked her out of the ring and Entourage 2.0 surrounded her. King’s Random came out and ran them off.

Decent angle to set up what should be a fun match. It was good to see Megan being portrayed as dominant again after last week too.


Let’s Hear From Jay Bradley

Backstage, Jay Bradley was asked about his thoughts on his upcoming SNS match with Michael Hayes. He described Hayes a sideshow act and said that people dreamed of growing up like him, not of going to war and coming back a [disabled slur]. Hayes turned up and said that for eight years, people have tried to run him out of business, and he’s always proved him wrong.  He told Jay to come out and watch his match so he can see what kind of man he is.

This was short but very good. Hayes really did a great job of picking Bradly up on his use of language, and I expect their encounter to be a hard-hitting one.

OVW TV Title Gauntlet

First out were Michael Hayes and Lee Holliday. Hayes was still annoyed from the confrontation with Bradley, and took it all out on Holliday, unloading with hard strikes. The Dishonorable Discharge gave him the win in a quick match.

Josh O’Hagan was out next and started out strong with a mix of speed and takedowns. Hayes got back into it with some arm trapping headbutts and a nice overhead belly-to-belly suplex though. Try as he might, O’Hagan was unable to get back on top and soon fell to another Dishonorable Discharge.

The fourth competitor was ‘The Boy Wonder’ Sam Thompson. Ducky was on fire in the early going here and was getting a good response from the crowd when Hayes finally caught him. In the end, Thompson came off the top rope and Hayes caught him with a knee to the face for the win.

Shiloh Jonze jumpstarted the next one and made a point of keeping Hayes grounded. Even after returning from an ad break, Shiloh was still in control.  Towards the end of the match, Jay Bradley appeared on the outside of the ring on crutches and started mocking Hayes. That got the war veteran fired up, and he started his comeback. Jay Bradley tried to interfere but Hayes ducked and he hit Shiloh, getting Hayes disqualified. The two brawled to the back.

OVW TV Champion William Lutz was in last, entering while Shiloh was still out cold. He tentatively tested whether Shiloh was playing possum, then got the easy win.

That was a decent gauntlet. I kinda wish Lutz had a proper match though.

Backstage With The Champ

Smooth was backstage calling for Jessica to give him a massage. A guy called Patrick turned up and said that he’d been rude to Jessica so he was the new masseuse. Smooth didn’t like that and stormed out. There wasn’t anything really to that angle.

The Final Piece Of Promotion

We cut to the commentary team, who ran down the Saturday Night Special line-up.  Before they could finish, Justin Smooth came out, chair in hand. He started intimidating the commentators again, and Dimes ran in to make the save. Dimes set up a Coast to Coast, but Smooth got up and hit Street Justice. Dustin Jackson then ran in and fired up, nailing his big moves on the champ, then falling prey to another Street Justice. Smooth made use of the chair to further hurt Jackson, and the episode ended with him standing tall.


This was easily the best pre-SNS episode OVW have produced. The workers did not hold back, the angles played out well, and the big show had a nice run of final build. Definitely an easy watch.




This week, I’m picking highlights across the two shows:

MVP: I’m gonna say Gilbert Corsey. I know it sounds odd giving this to a commentator, but he was really good in both shows. Gilbert is always reliable when it comes to filling viewers in on the history to the matches and pointing out the things we need to know, and he did that well again here. On top of that, his involvement as an interviewer helped guide the angles along, and his facial work during the confrontations with Justin Smooth were on point. Gilbert is a real asset for OVW, and I hope we continue to see and hear him for a long time to come.

Best Match: This goes to Ted McNaler vs. Justin Smooth. This was far from a technical classic, but it didn’t need to be. Despite the commentary team stating that Ted isn’t active, he does actually wrestle on OVW shows a couple of times a year, often teaming with Shannon The Dude and Adam Revolver. Here though, he played the non-worker fighting for honor, which really limited what he could do. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re an ex-pro, once you’re in that manager/commentator/referee role, you can’t put yourself across as as impressive as the full-time talent when you do step in the ring. Ted obviously gets that and played his role well here. Smooth’s loss was done in a way that doesn’t damage him, and the result gave the crowd a happy opener.

Best Angle/Promo: The Opening Promo for episode 1038. That was heated, set up the big show main event, set up another match, and saw Dean Hill regain his authority. Great work form all involved.


So, those were my thoughts. But what did you think of the shows? Let me know in the comments below.

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