The Helpful Fox Senko-San Episode 10

Welcome, one and all, to my continued weekly review series for The Helpful Fox Senko-San, aka Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san. This week, I’m looking at episode 10, which is titled It’s Nice To Let Your Inner Child Out Now And Then, Isn’t It?

the helpful fox senko san sewayaki no kitsune snow
There’s snow way this can go wrong, right?

This once again came across as two different tales. Or tails as it turned out. Part one saw the town being covered in a thick layer of snow. This was a charming little section, full of the same excellent background music and lighthearted shenanigans that I’ve come to expect from the show. The basic gist was that the snow made Senko want to play, but Nakano had to go to work. After plenty of worry from Senko, Nakano’s office e-mails to say that they’re closed today, and the two have some fun playing in the snow.

There was a really nice message here that, even when you feel old, you can still enjoy things and bring out your inner child. That’s an important lesson I think; getting old does not have to mean forgetting how to have fun. For those who like the pair as a romantic couple, there was plenty to be happy about here too. While walking in the snow, Nakano starts thinking about how good Senko’s foxy features look against the snowy backdrop and when she asks why he’s quiet, he very openly says he was thinking about how pretty she looked. Cue mega blushing, complete with steam from Senko. Oh, and seeing her do the Arctic Fox dive headfirst into the snow was admittedly very cute.

Back inside, Nakano asked to warm up his hands in her tail, and she obliged…but ended up with a cold as a result. So, she banned him from floof for a while.

the helpful fox senko san sewayaki no kitsune snow yozoro lady sora nakano boobs fan service
Nakano makes a boob of himself.

Part two starts out with Senko recovering by laying under a kotatsu. She lifts the floof ban and lets Nakano cuddle up for a while, but cuts the snuggling short so she can start dinner. That’s when Yozora – or Lady Sora as she’s being called in the dub – turns up and asks why she doesn’t let the young man indulge himself. Now, if the opening credits haven’t been clear enough, Lady Sora is rather top heavy. That was used as the basis for this half of the episode, but in the sense of it being the set up for a joke and some character advancement rather than as straight up fan service for the sake of fan service.

By this, I mean that some things went as you’d expect. There were ‘boob’ references, cleavage shots, and the accidental touching of said body parts. It all builds up to Nakano apologizing and Sora asking what he would do if she gave him permission to look at her. She declares that Senko does not indulge him and has failed to satisfy him thus far, then shoves Nakano down and climbs on top of him. While talking about how she possesses talents that Senko doesn’t we see Nakano’s eyes drifting to her multiple tails. You can see where this is going, right?

Sora tells Nakano that there’s no need to restrain himself, and says, “You want to, don’t you?” Nakano, of course, blurts out that he wants to jam his face into her tail. Sora responds with, “Of course you do…huh?” Because you see, she’s all about being alluring and enticing people into bed, but he’s all about fluffy stuff. The joke was so obvious, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me smile at all.

As to the character advancement, Senko actually steps in at this point. She places her hands on Nakano and tells Sora that, “he doesn’t need you; not your tail or any other tails for that matter.” This wasn’t playful teasing like when Shiro gets involved, this Senko actually being jealous and fighting for her love. On the aftermath, the jealousy in particular is very apparent. This was actually far more of a clear indication of romance than the blushing earlier too and shows that Senko will go to great lengths to be with Nakano, even challenge her far more powerful boss.

The episode also had some darker foreshadowing. Before leaving, Sora told Nakano that she had some advice for him: “Regarding that perpetually tired look on your face. Tread lightly, or I fear something bad may happen to you. I hope you’ll be careful/ Don’t make Senko sad, that would be unwise of you.” Now, that was interesting. While we are reminded of her status, Senko is portrayed as a housewife far more than she is a demigod. Is she hiding a dark secret or a great power? We only have two more episodes to find out! On top of that, when the episode closes out, Shiro and Sora are watching Senko and Nakano from the Kitsune Realm. Siro declares him to be clueless and silly. Sora says, “Indeed he is. Let us hope it does not go beyond that.” What does she mean? I suspect we’re going to find out.

Finally, Super Senko-San Time sees Senko lead us out into the show to show us an igloo that she’s built. Inside, she warms up a drink for us and uses her fox fire to add some extra heat. She says she’s glad to see us so happy and it makes her day to see us smile like that.


Overall, this was a fun episode. I was actually quite worried that Sora’s reappearance would turn the episode into a cavalcade of anime physics and little else, but the show stood firm in the relationship arc. So, well done! This was a nice, easy watch. Fingers crossed it doesn’t all fall apart I the final two episodes.

So, those were my thoughts. But what about yourselves? Did you enjoy these episodes? Do you agree or disagree with any of my observations? Let me know in the comments below.

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