Another Sale! Get my books 50% – 75% off!

You read that right, hot on the heel of NineStar Press’ Pride Month sale, we’re now diving into the Smashwords sale! From July 1st to July 31st, all of my novels are available with heavy discounts. So, let’s have a look what’s on offer:

Cassie Tam Files 50 Off Smashwords Sale Lesfic LGBTQ Sci-Fi Detective

Starting with my most popular – and most recent – work, the first three books in my lesfic sci-fi detective series The Cassie Tam Files are at 50% off. That means that the prices are as follows:

Addict: $2.50

The Fox, The Dog, and The King: $2.50

LV-48: $3.00

Want to know more about the series? Check out the dedicated page on this very site!

Spark Form Chronicles 75 Off Smashwords Sale GameLit Sci-Fi

My oldest series was an experimental piece that combines card gaming, AI philosophy, pro wrestling, and a whole bunch of characters! The first two books actually had a small following, and this set collects the entire four-book series along with some bonus material and a fancy new cover by ValyceNegative. At 75% off, you can grab the whole release as follows:

The Spark Form Chronicles Collected Edition: $1

Want to know more about the book? Check out the dedicated page on this very site!


As before, this sale is a great opportunity to not only grab my books cheaply but to support my work. If you any of them take your fancy, grab them. If not but you still want to help, please do consider letting people you think may be interested know. Whether it be word of mouth or a share on social media, it’s all good.

Cheers everyone!

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