40% Off LGBTQA Fiction For Pride Month!

Are you looking for a way to celebrate Pride Month? How about by grabbing some awesome LGBTQA fiction? NineStar Press is an LGBTQA publisher that is owned and managed by LGBTQA people. of course, they have a good selection of romance novels, but they also have those who want something a little different covered. So, whether your preference be for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, crime, genre-bending fiction, fusion genre, and stories that don’t quite fit into a particular category, you’ll likely find something there for you. On top of that, they’re very proactive in not only supporting own voices authors but also making sure that their roster of books showcases people from all across the LGBTQA rainbow.

So, how do you get the discount? Simply visit their site and, when it comes time to check out, use the code ‘ PRIDE ‘ to get 40% off.


Now, I’ll be completely honest here. I’ve been working with NineStar Press since 2017. Not only do I help promote their authors here, but I was fortunate enough to have multiple of my books signed by them over the last few years. As such, while it would be awesome if you could support any of the authors on there, I would, of course, be thrilled If I was one of them. To that end, I have a nice little teaser photo for The Cassie Tam Files below.

The series follows Cassie Tam, an old style hardboiled PI, as she investigates crimes in a futuristic city. It’s got action, sleuthing, tech that’s a natural progression from what we have now, and a slow burn FF romance that spans the series. Oh, and robot gargoyle called Bert that readers seem to love.

Not sure? Check out what people are saying on the Goodreads page for the series. If you do happen to buy any of them, please do consider leaving a review too. Not only do they help immensely, but the first book in the series, Addict, is actually on 79 ratings on Goodreads now. That’s the closest I’ve come to hitting 100 on there, and it would be awesome finally reach that point with a book.

Anyway, check out the picture below and go find me (and a bunch of others) on the NineStar Press site. If you want to help another way, feel free to share this post wherever you can. Believe me, visibility is a big help!

Cassie Tam Lesfic Sci-Fi Detective Pride Month

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