Two New Reviews For Addict

So, Addict is the first book in my lesbian sci-fi/mystery series, The Cassie Tam Files. It originally released in May 2017, and has so far seen two sequels, with two more books in the works to round off the overarching story.

Today, we have two new reviews for the release.

The first is a review on The Lily Cafe. This one is a four-star review that you can read on The Lily Cafe Site and on Goodreads

The second is a five-star review from LESBIreviewed. This can be read on Goodreads, or you can watch it on YouTube below:


As always, thank you to the reviewers for the kind words. If they – or any other reviewer for matter – makes you want to check the book out, please do! It’s pretty much available in every format now, so just click the links on the Cassie Tam page of the site if fancy picking any of them up.

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