OVW TV Episode 1030

Welcome, one and all, to my latest OVW TV review. The last two weeks featured some excellent progression for the main angles, so this week has a tough act to follow! Did it manage to do so? There’s only one way to find out, so, let’s get to it!


OVW Episode 1030

On commentary this week is Ted McNaler and Josh Ashcraft.

The usual TV opening is followed up by a rundown of the Saturday Night Special, which is being filmed on the same day.

OVW TV Title Gauntlet Match

KTD is starting out with Chace Destiny. Chace gets a good reaction, and the commentators note that neither man has held OVW gold yet, and that last week’s Gauntlet MVP Tony Bizo is also back this week. Both guys trade moves, and Chace picks up the win with a Butterfly Effect out of nowhere after thirty-nine seconds of action. Current TV Champion Drew Hernandez is in next, and Chace actually manages to maintain control in the early going. As you’d expect, Drew’s power comes into play and gives him some leverage, but Chace keeps coming back. He escapes a powerbomb, but there’s a timing botch on the Butterfly Effect. Both guys recover and Drew hits a nice powerbomb for the pin after two minutes.

Chace’s tag partner Nigel Winters in out next and catches Drew off guard. His speed keeps him on top until Drew catches him with a powerbomb out of nowhere at the one minute twenty mark. Newcomer Alex Zane is in next. Zane looks to be in good shape and pulls out some nice high flying moves as we head to the ad break. We return with Zane still in control, throwing out a running shooting star press. He goes up top and nails a corkscrew senton. Weirdly, both guys get to their feet and Drew nails a powerbomb for the win after relatively little offense over the five minutes.

The final competitor is Tony Bizo, who had an impressive showing in last week’s gauntlet. Drew is tired, but is willing to fight. Bizo slams the near three hundred pounder and hits a big spinebuster for good measure. He tries the hanging suplex, but Hernandez blocks and tries to call a time out. Bizo is confused, and Hernandez responds by throwing his vest in his face, following up with the match winning powerbomb. Total match time was around ten and a half minutes.

The storytelling will not be to everyone’s taste this week. The obvious message that the gauntlet was supposed to put across was that Hernandez’s powerbomb is essentially a one shot kill. Hernandez’s selling is decent, which helped the match along, and his opponents certainly held up their part of the bargain too. It’s a shame that KTD and Chace Destiny didn’t get a longer opening stretch, but that’s fine. The match gets ** ½ from me.

A note, Tony Bizo leaves after the match, and stops selling. Given that the powerbomb, and little else, was supposed to have taken him down, that’s a shame, because he remembered to sell until he started leaving the ring.

Sinister Six-Way Match For The Last Entrance Spot In The OVW Heavyweight Title Gauntlet At The Saturday Night Special: Adam Revolver vs. Aamon vs. Jay Bradley vs. Melvin maximus vs. Rudy Switchblade vs. Michael Hayes.

OVW Heavyweight Champion Justin Smooth comes out to join the commentary team, as he’ll be defending against each guy in the match. The match is fought under lucha tag style rules, with the first fall winning. Everyone jumps in out and quite quickly, giving each guy short moments of shine. Jay Bradley came out of this looking pretty good; everything he did looked smooth, and he seemed like a real threat throughout. Michael Hayes too, who had a great reaction form the crowd, looked really good. In fact, the short section featuring both guys gave me a taste for a full length singles match between the two.

Smooth was dismissive of everyone on commentary, playing into his arrogant character. In the end, he got tired of watching and interfered I the match, dishing out Street Justice to multiple opponents. The match is deemed a no contest after six minutes. I give this one ** ¾.  The structure meant that the pacing was up for the most part, and everybody got a chance to give a preview of their upcoming title shot, but for me, it was only really Bradley and Hayes that came out of it looking like real threats to Smooth. The result also left it open as to who would go in last in the Saturday Night Special.

We get a video recap of Sam Thompson causing Ca$h Flo’s losses in the last two weeks of TV.

Ca$h Flo vs. Dustin Jackson

Great reaction for Jackson while Ca$h wanders around looking for Sam Thompson. On paper, this should be a great match. Ca$h is a convincing powerhouse heel, and Dustin plays an excellent dynamic babyface. They don’t disappoint either, and the crowd rewards them with the loudest reactions of the episode as they go back and forth. Eventually, a cameraman gets on the apron and Ca$h takes the opportunity to taunt…until he realizes that it’s Sam Thompson again. This gives Dustin the chance to steal the win with a roll-up after three minutes. Despite the short length, this was an easy *** match. I’d love to see them in a full length encounter down the road.

After the match, Ca$h goes straight for Sam, and Commissioner Dena Hill intervenes. He reminds him of what happened to Dimes last week, and tells Ca$h to let go of him because he’s an employee. Ca$h lets go and complains about Sam being present. Dean tells him that he can’t lay a hand on Sam unless he’s reinstated as a wrestler. Ca$h demands that he’s reinstated so that he can lay into him.  Dean obliges, and sets up a match between the two at the upcoming Saturday Night Special. Good angle. I expect Sam to win that one, bringing the storyline to the expected conclusion.

Anarchy Title Match: Shiloh Jonze (champion) vs. Sinn Bodhi.

This one is an Empty Arena Match. Sinn’s flight was delayed, and he didn’t make it to the arena until an hour after the taping. The roster are still there though and are surrounding the ring.  Sinn comes out in a pig mask, earing firecrackers around his neck. Shiloh jump starts the match by putting Sinn straight through a table!

From there, the match becomes an entertaining walkabout brawl. They fight all over the arena, decimating as many chairs as they can on the way. By the time they reach the ring, DL3 and Big D have gotten their customary failed sneak attacks in, and Shiloh is in charge.  A trashcan lid to the groin starts Sinn back on the path to control though, and once we return from the ads, he’s throwing Shiloh around outside the ring again. The two continue to fight back and forth, Entourage 2.0 get smacked about multiple times, and a baseball bat gets used to brutal effect. In the end, Sinn nails Tallulah Bell for the win after twelve minutes.

This match was a good showcase for both guys. Shiloh nailed some nice looking spots – including a spinning kick – and his selling was great. Meanwhile, the match type really played in Sinn’s style, and he came out of this looking really good. Basically, if you enjoyed the pre-24/7 era of the WWE Hardcore Title, you’ll get a kick out of this. I give it *** ½.


So, this was a show of two halves for me. The two multi-man matches were okay, but weak compared to some that OVW have put out. Meanwhile, the second half of the show saw things kick into high gear with a good TV match, and an entertaining hardcore brawl. It’s worth watching the whole thing, but if you’re short on time, go for the second half.

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