Tangle & Whisper 0 [IDW Publishing – Comic Review]

Tangle & Whisper 0 is a freebie comic from IDW and serves as an introduction to the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off. Both Tangle and Whisper are new creations for the comics, and are pretty popular. They’re also polar opposites in terms of personality. Let’s see how the free issue is.


  • Tangle & Whisper 0
  • IDW Publishing
  • Story: Ian Flynn
  • Art: Evan Stanley
  • Colours: Matt Herms

There’s only one available cover, and it’s pretty nice. I really like the look of the logo for the pair-up, with the colours and adornments matching the character’s appearance. The comic itself is a short one, running to only twelve pages, and is split into two sections. The first four pages cover the titular characters, with us following Tangle and her friend Jewel as the hyperactive lemur swings through town. I have to say, for such a short amount of time, it does a good job of not only showing off Tangle’s infectiously delirious attitude, but also setting up why she’d go off on a solo adventure. Meanwhile, the final page gives us the first look at Whisper as she hunts down, strangely, Sonic.

The second part of the comic is a recap of the first year of the comics, featuring new text boxes to give us a run-down and some panel snippets from the various issues. The great thing with this is that it really shows that, even with stylistic differences between artists, the quality is consistently high. The downside is that it only covering as far as it does kinda makes it seem like there have been delays in getting the comic out, as we’re now part way through year two. The occasional delays are also evident in the main story. Tangle references events from the Sonic Annual 2019, and the advert for the book in the back page of the issue states that it’s out now, but it’s been delayed a few times already.

Still, given that the odd delay is the only real issue the comic has had so far, it could be worse. While not overly long, the comic does a good job of getting you excited for the upcoming issues. At a guess, I half expect the Sonic that Whisper is hunting to not be the real blue blur. We’ll find out for sure soon enough, I’m sure. I’m not going to give this one a regular rating as it’s far too short to judge it fairly against the main issues. I will say though that it’s a worthwhile pick-up. If you’re a fan, it’ll help set up the series, and if you haven’t checked the main series out, it gives you a free look at the tone of it.

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