The Connection Between Gambling And The Movies Guest Post by Casino Sites

The Connection Between Gambling And The Movies

Guest Post by Casino Sites

America is a gambling-centric country. The practice is a huge part of America’s culture, and its popularity continues to grow, meaning games like poker and blackjack have grown in popularity over the last few decades.

The popularity of gambling has seen Las Vegas becoming one of the most visited cities in the United States for tourists and all kinds of gamblers. The city has become so synonymous with poker that even Hollywood movies have been shot there.

The team at CasinoSites made an infographic showing that Hollywood has played a huge part in promoting the gambling practice to the general public, with some of the industry’s biggest hits in the last few decades being gambling movies.

Gambling has turned into its own genre altogether on the silver screen, and the connection between gambling and Hollywood has given us some of the best movies in recent history.

The city of Las Vegas had arguably been one of the biggest winners from the union between gambling and Hollywood. Numerous top-rated gambling films have been shot in Sin City, and with Vegas already being such a tourist hotspot, the movies only attracted more people to the city.

Global hits like Casino, The Hangover, and Ocean’s Eleven were all shot in Vegas, and with all three films being box office hits, it only served to strengthen Vegas’ stand as the world’s gambling and entertainment capital.

The genre has also given us some of the most inspirational characters. The charisma and mentality of Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven make him one of the best and most intriguing characters to appear in a movie. Vesper Lynd of Casino Royale was another character that earned rave reviews from critics and fans alike, as she was expertly played by the uber-talented Eva Green.

There have been numerous other characters which fans have fallen in love with down the years, and it’s just another one of many aspects where gambling movies have succeeded.

The genre hasn’t just boosted Vegas’ already blooming nightlife and given us some of the best movie characters in recent times, but it has also given fans some of the best depictions of high-stakes gambling on the big screen.

While some gambling movies focus on the action with the actual gambling being a sub-plot, movies like Rounders and Casino Royale have shown fans the kind of win or bust form of gambling that they are used to in real life, while still given us some amazing action sequences.

The diversity of movies is another aspect that has been widely applauded. There are so many movies about gambling, but they all seem to pass across unique messages to the audience.

Films like The Godfather and Casino show that some casinos are run by underground criminal organizations. Others like Shade and Lucky Numbers show that cheating at poker tables is not uncommon, while Lady Killers and Ocean’s
Eleven describe casinos getting robbed.

The diversity and reality of gambling movies are what makes them so highly rated. Gambling has been a popular “sport” in America for a long time, and its connection with the movies has given us some of the best hours of silver screen action of all time.

Check out the infographic below for some of the most amazing facts about Hollywood’s gambling movies.

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