Shadowhunters: Aku Cinta Kamu

Shadowhunters continues with ‘Aku Cinta Kamu’, and this week, the focus was primarily placed on two arcs. Let’s talk about what happened.



Poor Magnus. He was really suffering this week, wasn’t he? After Asmodeus pops up and returns his magic to him, Magnus portals out and starts walking through the episode. By which I mean that he goes for a wander through the city, painfully reliving memories of happy times with Alec, all the while accompanied by well-placed music. This culminates in two specific events happening. The first is Magnus visiting Brother Zachariah and asking him to remove his memories of Alec. Zachariah tells Magnus that he will not as Magnus is perfectly capable of doing so himself, but only chooses not to as he knows he will regret it. The second is Magnus attempting just that, only to be stopped by his father, Asmodeus.

The brunt of this was to reiterate the love between Magnus and Alec. In particular, to show how much more Alec means to Magnus than his previous partners have. With the Warlock falling apart though, Asmodeus is in the perfect spot to manipulate his son. Yeah, I doubt anyone buys the ‘I just want to be a proper father’ act. The question is, where will this end up going? Obviously, Magnus will be standing by his father for a while, but how will he return to Alec’s side? Will his magic be key to banishing Asmodeus again? Or will he end up sacrificing it all once more? Time will tell.


Mission Failed

Magnus isn’t the only one to feel loss this week either. Jace hatches a plan to rescue Clary, which basically involves him getting close to her and Jonathan. The Clave have reissued the kill order on Jonathan – and so, Clary – which gives him an in, and he initially tries to convince the pair that he would do anything to be with clary, even betray everything he knows. For a while, it works; Clary trusts him, even if Jonathan doesn’t which allows him to remain close, all the while communicating with Alec via the Seelie rings.

The problem is, Jonathan has a plan to kidnap the Seelie Queen at a night club in Prague. The club is called The Bone Chandelier and has a literal representation of its namesake made form Shadowhunter bones hanging above the dance floor. When the trio all take a Seelie hallucinogen, it breaks Jace’s concentration, and Jonathan spots the ring (you need to concentrate to keep it invisible). This leads to a fight with the Seelie guards, and Clary throwing Jace through a portal, sending him back to the Institute.

Jace is feeling it, and is in disbelief about the situation, feeling as though he’s lost Clary. Here’s the thing though. She helped him in the fight, even after discovering his deception. And she sent him back to a safe place where he could regroup rather than killing him. That surely means that some part of her old self is still in there. Hope exists, Jace just doesn’t know it yet.


The Serum

The Heavenly Fire serum acted as the backdrop for a few things this week. First up, Izzy managed to use it to forge a new sword imbued with Heavenly Fire. This will, of course, be important going forward. It was originally part of the plan to split Jonathan and Clary until Jace was sent back tot eh Institute, so it means that they now have an effective weapon if nothing else. Throughout the building of it though, we got some more Sizzy teasing. A timer stops them talking about what happened in the last episode. More fun though was when they needed to take some blood form Simon to help with making the sword. Here, Izzy distracts him from his fear of needles by talking about Superman turning back time. She watched the film because Simon likes them and she wanted to see what the fuss was, but can’t understand how glasses are supposed to make him unrecognizable. Here, we get a nice little parallel with the pair, as Simon points out that the hot girl doesn’t notice the geeky guy until she sees him for who he truly is. It was sweet. I don’t expect a proper pay-off until the final episode though.

Meanwhile, Maia and Jordan are also growing closer. When they find out about the serum, they visit the Institute and find that there’s only one vial left. That leaves a problem as deciding who to give it to is a political minefield. Simon acts as the voice of reason and convinces Maia that many Downworlders had their lives ruined, so hers is no more or less important than anyone else’s. Still feeling guilt over turning her though, Jordan steals the last vial. This could well cause issues for them, though I doubt Maia will choose to be cured in the end.


In all, I enjoyed that. Again, it was more relationship focused than anything but still managed to progress the main stories. But what about yourselves? What do you think of the series? How did you find this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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