Magic and Mayhem – Guest Post by Gail Z. Martin

Magic and Mayhem

By Gail Z. Martin

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most popular tourist spots in America—and one of its most haunted cities. That kind of history makes a perfect setting for magic and supernatural mayhem—and my Deadly Curiosities urban fantasy series, which is all about getting cursed and haunted objects out of the wrong hands and saving the world from supernatural threats.

Trifles and Folly/Trifles and Folly 2 are collections of short stories and novellas set in the world of my Deadly Curiosities novels. You don’t have to read the books first to enjoy the collections, which are like extra episodes. If you have read the books, the collections will give you some new insights into the characters, and let you get to know some of the secondary characters a little better.

I draw heavily on Charleston’s history in the books, and weave in a lot of real locations, folklore, and urban legends. My goal is to make you feel like you’ve visited—and walked on the wild side. The stories are rooted in the city so much, they couldn’t happen in the same way anywhere else. Come explore the dark corners of Charleston, and discover what goes bump in the night!

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