Way Cool Wednesday – 10th April, 2019

Hey everybody, it’s Way Cool Wednesday time again! The net is full of really awesome stuff, isn’t it? I mean, sure, there’s some rubbish too, but it’s the fun stuff that we want, right? So, this is my usual list of coolness that I stumbled upon. This week, I’m reducing it to a top 3 list.


Transgender and Non-Binary Representation in Japanese Media by Andrea Ritsu

This was a really awesome find. Basically, Andrea gives us a history of how Transgender and Non-Binary people have been presented in Japan, primarily through anime, manga and video games. What I loved here was that, while there were one or two titles that weren’t mentioned, there were also a lot shown that I didn’t know about. It was nice seeing how long Japan has been showing non-CIS people in different forms, and how that has changed over the years. The post comes with both the written script and a video version, which gives you two ways to check this piece out.


Voodoo Doll by Lord of the Lost

So, Lord of the Lost are a German band that plays rock songs. Over the years, they’ve played everything from classical goth-rock sounding pieces, songs with harder, growled vocals, some electronic sections, and even orchestral tracks. This one is a catchy goth-rock song. The chorus is really catchy. What I love most though is the music video. It’s remarkably simple, showing the singer Chris Harms and the effects of attacking a picture of him, but it’s wonderfully effective. Provided you don’t have an issue with blood, it’s well worth a look. If you do, then play it in the background, it’s great.


Robert the Haunted Doll

Atlas Obscura  –  All That’s Interesting

So, if you didn’t know, Robert is generally thought of as the most haunted doll in existence. Yes, even more so than the fabled Annabelle. These two articles tell the story of the doll, and while some historical points are repeated, they both give slightly different facts. It’s fascinating to see how the doll still affects people to this day, even from behind the glass in the museum he now calls home.


So, those were my latest cool finds. What did you think of them? Did you find anything cool online this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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