Top 5 Third-Party Titles I Want To See On The SEGA Mega Drive Mini

So, if you’ve been keeping up with the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Mini, you’ll have noticed some cool news. 40 games is a huge number for the console for one. What struck me though was the inclusion of Castlevania Blood Lines. Why? Because it was made by Konami. With that potentially opening the door for more third-party game, I thought it was time I did another list. So, here’s my…


Top 5 Third-Party Titles I Want To See On The SEGA Mega Drive Mini

Now, I have set one limitation for myself here. I won’t use tie-in titles as their licensing would be more difficult. That sadly eliminates not only Alien 3, but the awesome Jurassic Park game where you could choose to play as Sam Neill or a velociraptor. There were still plenty of awesome games to choose from though, and I’m hoping some of these may be pleasant surprises.


Road Rash 2 by EA

Road Rash 2 SEGA Mega Drive Genesis EA
Born to be wild

Hands up who remembers this classic series of games? If you aren’t familiar with it, it was basically a motorcycle street racing game. It advanced the first game by adding bikes with nitro boosts and allowing you to pick up more weapons like clubs and chains. The game play was simple but addictive, and Rob Hubbard (Ex-C64 composer) provided a rocking soundtrack, and the game is generally remembered as one of the console’s greatest games.

Rocket Knight Adventures by Konami

Rocket Knight Adventures SEGA Mega Drive Genesis Konami
Just hangin’ around

This cute little platformer would be a great addition to the system, and would stand alongside Castlevania to show how varied Konami was in terms of style. The game is a fine example of utilizing the hardware, with the graphics being detailed and colourful and the sound being such a good fit. Plus, it’s a steampunk opossum. If that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is.

Haunting: Starring Polterguy by EA

Haunting Starring Polterguy SEGA Mega Drive Genesis EA
So fun it’ll blow your mind

I rather suspect that the console will be designed as an all ages system, so this one is unlikely to make the cut. I stand by it as a great piece of work though. The game sees you control the ghost of a teen who is haunting the family responsible for his demise. It’s full of bloody scenes and quirky scares, and provided plenty of fun in my youth.

Another World by U.S. Gold/Delphine Software

Another World SEGA Mega Drive Genesis US Gold Delphine Interactive
As close to a film as we got in the 16-Bit Generation

Objectively speaking, Flashback is probably the studio’s better remembered title. There’s no denying that this cinematic platformer was innovative though. It’s actually listed as an influence on both the PS1 Metal Gear Solid game and Silent Hill. As a bonus, this version also included a different prologue to the SNES/3DO release of the game. Cool, eh?

Mega Bomberman by Hudson Soft

Mega Bomberman 94 SEGA Mega Drive Genesis Hudson Soft Konami
Bombs away

This port of Bomberman ’94 was a party favourite in my house, and saw the usual Bomberman escapades, but with added kangaroos. Or Rooeys if you prefer. Either way, it’s great fun whether in single or multiplayer modes, and would be an awesome addition to the library.

BONUS ENTRY: A Forgotten SEGA Game

Eternal Champions

Eternal Champions SEGA Mega Drive Genesis
Fighting (on) the system

Look, nobody is going to say that Eternal Champions was a perfect beat ‘em up. Compared to the ports of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat 3, it’s actually not as impressive as SEGA must have hoped. Still, it maintains a sense of fun and features a great cast of varied characters. It may not have taken off as a franchise, but it’s well worth playing.

So, those are my picks. But what about you? Do you remember or enjoy these games? What would you like to see take up the free places on the mini console? Let me know in the comments below.

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