Shadowhunters S3E16: Quick Thoughts

Shadowhunters continues with ‘Stay With Me’, and now, some things are beginning to come together. Let’s have a look at what happened.
shadowhunters stay with me simon izzy sizzy

  • Magnus suffered this week. For a moment, he was dead, and once he was revived, it was confirmed that his body was rejecting Lorenzo’s magic. This was compared to a failed organ transplant, and they were basically told that even a small spell could kill him now. I liked the way this all played out. Alec felt some guilt for not figuring out how much Magnus was hurt by losing his magic (largely because he liked the idea of them growing old together) but went above and beyond throughout. From threating and begging Lorenzo to telling Magnus that he fell for him, not his magic, he was great here. Eventually, Magnus relented and Alec ended up visiting his Mom so that he could get he family ring. Why? Because he’s realized that he can’t live without Magnus and wants to propose to him. Alec and Magnus’ relationship has been so well dealt with, and this was no exception.
  • Luke also had a little progression here, and they made full use of the handful of scenes he was in. He tries to warn Maryse off him, but she won’t abandon him now. In the end, he gets a late night visitor in the form of a man named Scott. Scott has ensured that all charges are cleared and tells Luke that he now belongs to the Praetor. That makes sense as a way forward for him, I think.
  • Oh, and Simon and Izzy had a lovely moment together in the sewers.
  • The brunt of the episode dealt with the familial relationship between Jonathan, Clary, and Lilith though, and that was definitely a good thing. In terms of Jonathan, he initially cuts a deal with the Seelie Queen. She has the Morning Star Sword and he offers to kill Lilith in return for it. He travels to Hell, but his plan fails when Clary’s kicks in.
  • Clary, now that the Silent Brothers can’t help, comes up with the idea of using her rune creation power to summon Lilith. We haven’t seen her ability for a while, so that was a welcome return. Between that, a spell to trap Lilith, and bringing Cain in to act as an insurance policy should she break free, everything looked good. Izzy tortured Lilith and we found that the only way the demonic tether was removed previously was when Michael used a sword imbued with Heavenly Fire and that the sword is gone, so there’s no hope. Jonathan intervenes and manages to stab Jace and almost kill Izzy, but he reaches out to Clary for help, Jace’s voice pulls her back. She transports Jonathan to a holding cell and he’s chained up so that he can’t hurt himself, and by extension, her.
  • Lilith escapes though. She cuts a deal with Cain, offering to bring his brother Abel back to life if he protects her. The interesting thing here is that it was Simon who talked him around, and in a real leader-style moment, convinced him to face his demons head-on. Here, Lilith used his weakness to bring him back on her side.

And that was that. This was another good episode. I did kinda feel like Alec should have maybe helped with the Lilith situation, but you can understand why he wasn’t. Where does this leave us overall though? Well, Izzy did realize that Heavenly Fire is the name of the secret program that she discovered, so it looks like there will be a way to remove Clary’s link to Jonathan. With Lilith back, I can see maybe Cain helping with killing Lilith once he realizes that she’s using him. This all works to bring the various arcs together though, which is excellent. Whatever happens though, the next six episodes are going to be a blast!

But what about yourselves? What do you think of the series? How did you find this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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