Way Cool Wednesday – 13 March 2019

Hey, it’s Way Cool Wednesday! It’s been a while since I’ve done this, hasn’t it? And check it out! Another intentionally badly photoshopped header. Anyway, let’s have a look at some awesome stuff I’ve come across on the net recently. Click the headings to head over to them.


Scientists 3D Print An Animal

This is exactly what it sounds like. Scientists have used a 3D printer and rat heart cells to print a biohybrid organism. The article includes a video of the little thing in action.


Samantha Richardson’s Trans Comic

This was really, really sweet. Samantha is a trans lady and this deals with the concept of going back in time to speak to your younger self. It’s beautifully well done.


The LGBTQ+ Guide To Staying Safe Online

In keeping with the LGBTQ+ theme, this is actually quite an informative piece with some good advice for avoiding bullying online.


Sub-Zero’s Head Shatter – The Science Of Mortal Kombat

Something a little different, here Kyle Hill and Allen Pan seek to find out whether Sub-Zero’s infamous fatality would be physically possible. And who is there to help them? UFC champion Daniel Cormier!


Crows World Of Anime – The Ongoing ‘Devil Is A Part-Timer’ Review Series

This is one of those anime that I didn’t expect too much from, and honestly, it’s not like it’s the most thought provoking series, but…there’s something fun about the show. This is looking at the series one episode at a time.


The 10 Best Easter Eggs In Horror

Okay, so the chances are that there are others that you enjoy more than this, but Bloody Disgusting’s list is pretty awesome! Check out the list and see if you spotted them yourself.


And that’s it for today! But what do you think of these cool finds? Let me know in the comments below.

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