Shadowhunters S3BE3: Quick Thoughts

Shadowhunters continues with ‘Beati Bellicosi’. This was an interesting episode that really did a lot for a few particular characters, while still moving the Jonathan arc forward in little steps too. These are my thoughts.
Shadowhunters Beati Bellicosi Simon Izzy

  • A lot of time was given to the werewolf vs. vampire feud, with plenty of focus Heidi, Jordan and Maia. This started with the opening hunt. This was fine as a way start the episode, but I did think there were some mild issues with it. For one, as nasty as the transformation looked, it still felt too fast for me personally. The blood spray when Nick was taking down by Heidi was poor CG too, which was a shame. It did kickstart a bunch of stuff though.
  • Heidi gets to paly manipulator here. After being turned down for protection by her old clan, she warns them that the wolves will attack them next. And then makes sure it happens by baiting Jordan and the Praeta into getting a bit heavy handed with them. This leads to her convincing the clan to attack the Jade Wolf. I like Heidi in this role, but I foresee it costing her her life before long.
  • Maia meanwhile is watching her Pack fall apart under Russell’s rule. Her initial attempt to get Luke to come back results in him suggesting she become Alpha. She’s right that she wouldn’t take Russell in a fight, but Luke points out that she always puts the Pack first and should just try to get everyone’s support, as he’d then have no choice but to step down. These words obviously strike a chord with her as, in order to put the Pack first, she ends things with Simon. In the end though, it may all matter very little. When the clan attacks, Russell is killed, and the episode ends on an awesome cliffhanger with Maia and a severely injured Jordan locked in a room while the vampires try to break in.
  • Speaking of Simon, he isn’t in the episode a lot, but he comes across as very likable throughout. He deals with the end of things with Maia in a very mature way, which makes the whole thing extra sad in my eyes. With him growing closer to Izzy again, it’s kinda necessary, but that does raise a risk for Izzy.
  • Izzy is still struggling with her addiction to being fed upon. I love that they haven’t swept that under the carpet and that the subject is being treated so well. It adds some realism to the otherwise unreal world. She’s trying, but it’s hard, and being with Simon may mean facing it even more. Izzy also gets to investigate the torture rumours a bit more and finds a source that’s willing to talk. Unfortunately, when she and Alec find him, he only lives long enough to confirm that his death is an inside job, and mention ‘Heavenly Fire’. This turns out to be a project that Alec and Izzy’s Mum has heard of, and she tries to dissuade them from investigating further. Let’s be honest here, we all know they won’t let it drop that easily.
  • Jace and Clary were mostly an afterthought this week. Jace did have a memory of the rune that binds Clary to Jonathan though, and they eventually find it in the story of Lucifer and Michael. This was good as it gives some hope of a removal, but the pair soon try to rush it when Jonathan burns his hand and Clary feels it too. The attempted removal fails entirely. In the end, Jace and Clary fall into bed together. Question: does Jonathan only feel Clary’s pain, or does he get to experience pleasure too? If so, that’s a bit awkward. Oh, the moment when he carves ‘I MISS YOU’ into his arm and it appears on Clary’s was excellent though. Very Exorcist feeling.

So, all in all, I thought this felt like a good episode. Some technical issues aside, it was important for moving the characters towards their final arcs, and it worked wonders in that regard. Good job.

But what about yourselves? What do you think of the series? How did you find this return? Let me know in the comments below.

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