Book Announcement: NineStar Press signs more Cassie Tam!

Welcome, one and all to the second of today’s project-based posts. This time, I have an announcement to make! NineStar Press has contracted two more books from me. Sort of.

Okay, so here’s what’s happening. I’ve written two more books in my lesfic crime noir/sci-fi series, The Cassie Tam Files. Both are novellas and cover the two-weeks immediately following book three. What we’ve decided is that we’re going to publish both in one book. That fits better with the length of the other titles, and also allows us to release paperback versions. So, what are the two stories about? Let’s have a look.


Story One

Starting the day after LV48, this is told from Lori’s POV. Cassie is hired to tackle a man that has been bullying a woman in their workplace. Due to his father running the company, he’s been able to get away with doing whatever he wants. The problem is, thanks to the press conference in LV48, he knows who Cassie is. So, Lori steps in to help. This one gives Lori a chance to see things from Cassie’s side of the fence, but also allows readers to see how Lori views her relationship with Cassie. Expect some sweet moments, some harsher moments, and an appearance by Devin Carmichael.


Story Two

Set a few days after the first story, we return to Cassie’s POV. She’s hired by Doctor Faraday, the android who first appeared in LV48. Why? Because Faraday is being stalked. This one will see Cassie dealing with a lot of different things. The case, the anniversary of her father’s death, an encounter with her mother, and another shove towards the underlying secrets of New Hopeland City. Expect some Bert, some returns of old characters, and the beginning of the events that will comprise the final book.


And that’s where I’m at! I don’t have a release date as yet because we still need to do some editing, cover creation, etc. Honestly though, I am so happy that NSP is still on board with the series. In many ways, it feels like my best work. Feel free to check out the other books on the listing page.

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