My Love Affair with Ghost Stories [Guest Post by Morgan Brice]

My Love Affair with Ghost Stories


By Morgan Brice


I figure that my life-long love affair with ghost stories and the supernatural began when I was a pre-schooler and my mom let me watch Dark Shadows (the original TV series). I was fascinated with ghosts, werewolves, vampires, witches and magic. The first story I ‘wrote’ was when I was five years old (I had to dictate it to my grandmother because I couldn’t spell yet). It was about a vampire. Other kids got cardboard boxes and made them into cars. I made mine into a coffin and rose from it.


When I was ten, I bought a book of regional ghosts stories set in the area where we were vacationing. I read it over and over until the cover fell off. From then on, I gravitated toward books, TV shows and movies that involved ghosts and supernatural stuff. I’ve also always loved cemeteries. When I was in fifth grade, my mom was a teacher and had to stay after to correct papers. She’d let me go wander in the big cemetery up the street (small town, different times). I never found it scary or morbid. I loved the statues, but most of all I loved making up stories about the people who were buried there based on what I could learn about them from their tombstones. There were so many interesting clues about their lives, but missing important details, so I told my own stories about them.


When I go on vacation, I love to go on ghost tours and hear all the spooky stories about a place. I also love to wander through historic cemeteries. I’ll usually read up on a location before we go to know the folklore and urban legends. Some of my favorite places to visit are said to be very haunted, like Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA, as well as New Orleans, of course!


With that said, I don’t have any psychic sensitivity of my own, or interesting personal ghost experiences to tell. But I do know a lot of people whom I admire and respect—and trust—who have told me about encounters they have had that defy normal explanation. Of course, that kicks my writer-brain into overdrive!


All of my Morgan Brice books (as well as my Gail Z. Martin books) involve the supernatural, magic, ghosts, creatures and spooky stuff. The Rising is the third book in my Badlands series about a psychic medium and a skeptical homicide cop who fall in love and work together to hunt down supernatural killers in Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s my newest, and I’m really excited about seeing the way Simon and Vic evolve as a couple, as well as how they team up to stop paranormal threats. My other urban fantasy MM paranormal romance series, Witchbane, also has plenty of spooky and sexy thrills!


I love weaving all the pieces together, and providing sexy, spooky, supernatural suspense!


Thank you for having me as a guest! I hope folks will check out The Rising and the whole Badlands series, as well as my Witchbane books. You can also stay in touch by joining my Facebook Group:

Or following me on Pinterest (for Morgan and Gail) where I post photos of places and people who inspire my books. I’m also on Twitter: @MorganBriceBook and you can get a free Badlands short story (Restless Nights)  and sign up for my newsletter here:

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