Shadowhunters S3BE2: Quick Thoughts

Shadowhunters continues with ‘Original Sin’, and I’ve gotta say, it does a great of pushing the main paranormal arcs along while still giving some sweet moments so please fans of the romantic side of the tale. These are my thoughts on the episode.

shadowhunters original sin clary jace

  • A lot of time was given over to Clary and Jonathan’s relationship this time. Clary, for her part, was having a go at a bit of manipulation. She wasn’t particularly convincing, coming across as a little abrupt at times and almost panicked at others, in my opinion. Still, she did manage to steal a stele and try to escape before the big rescue. The scene before Jonathan killed the French shadowhunter made me laugh. I mean, he suddenly starts believing her after she uses the stele to turn her hair back to normal. You can use them to change your appearance, hence the change of hair style and color in the first place. Simply turning it back to the other style is surely just a sign that she knows how to use it?
  • Jonathan is an interesting character right now. I felt like he really does believe that he wants to be good, but his views on what is good and just seem to be skewed. I’m assuming that’s due to his demonic blood. We know that he’s up to something though, as he mentioned to the demonic antique dealer that he wants to obtain his family sword – The Morningstar Sword – to instigate change. That’s theorized to involve ripping Hell open.
  • Magnus and Alec had some fun moments this episode. Magnus having to get used to mortality is a great character arc so far. He has a cheery outlook on it, such as finding charm even in finding things like pouring juice difficult. At the same time though, Alec does a good job of grounding him. “The thing about moments is that you’ll miss them if you’re always running after the next one,” was a great line from Alec in that regard. The thing is, you can totally understand magnus wanting to experience everything now he knows that his time is limited. I was happy to see the pair be subject to less rapid-fire cuts during their fight scene too. I’m guessing they’re both fairly good with martial arts, so need less masking.
  • Simon and Izzy also had some interesting developments. While Maia’s reasoning for not going to look for the old vampire was sound, the fact Simon took Izzy with him is a little telling. The look she gave Simon while they were walking through the Seelie Realm also betrayed her attraction not him, and honestly, their moment when she fed him her blood was quite sweet.
  • The whole section with Cain helped flesh out the Mark of Cain story a bit. I liked the slight twist of him being an unwilling vampire thanks to Lilith and being given the Mark of Cain by the Seelie Queen. The scene where he realizes that Simon is perhaps the only one who would truly understand the horror relating to the death that he mark can cause was really well done too, so well done to Cain for utilizing subtle facial work to convey that.
  • Outside that, there isn’t a lot to say. The song choices were good again, and Jace and Luke helped push towards the rescue while remaining background characters for the episode. I still think Clary may have to die to defeat Jonathan at this point though.

So, all in all, I thought this was a fun episode.. But what about yourselves? What do you think of the series? How did you find this return? Let me know in the comments below.

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