You Asked Me What?

We’re on a roll now! This is my second questions post, and this time around we’re looking at the second of my website milestone post questions.

Raistlin0903 asks:

Are there any kinds of topics/posts that you have been wanting to do but have not gotten around to yet?

In short, yes.

There are actually a bunch of different things that I’d like to do that I either haven’t as yet or have done but not as often as I’d like. In fact, let’s start with that.

I’ve done a few ‘Manga vs. Anime’ posts now, and they always seem to go down well. One series that I really wanted to use in that feature but haven’t yet is Soul Eater. The problem is, I find that the best way to do them is to re-watch the anime and re-read the manga. When it comes to Soul Eater, I simply haven’t got enough to re-watch the whole thing right now. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to it eventually?

I also want to do more ‘Fact or Fiction’ posts, but it really comes down to finding a good subject for it. There are plenty of videos that show alleged hauntings online, but the majority that I come across are so hokey that I just don’t feel like I want to spend too long dissecting them. I’m sure I’ll find another good one eventually. As to cryptids, I do have some ideas for a follow-up on the popular Dogman article, but I need to work through my thoughts on that one. I’m also tempted to do one for the infamous Van Meter Visitor, but there’s some research to do there to help me either prove or disprove my current thinking (at least far as I can).

Meanwhile, as to things that I haven’t covered as yet…there are a lot of people that I’d like to work with out in celebrity-land. If I can score a press pass for the right con, I’d have the chance to interview a few of those people, which would be awesome. So that’s one I’m aiming for.

Oh, and furry content. I do want to do more for my fellow furries. The post with Ash Coyote earlier this month was my fist step toward that, and I’m hoping to be able to do more as time goes on.

Outside that though, I really just want to get better with timing. Until I started reviewing new release anime, most of the stuff I touched on was fairly old by the time I got there. Quicker responses to trailers and news would be nice, as well as some more recent reviews, I think.


Out of interest, what would you say you’d all like to see me cover? Let me know in the comments below. Also, I’m open to questions all the time. Feel free to drop one in the comments below or use the contact page, and I’ll happily add them to the list. I’ll answer most things, though I do have some limits. If I feel like a question crosses a line, I will say though.

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