Star Trek Discovery S2E3: Quick Thoughts

star trek discovery s2e3

  • Tilly’s hallucinations of May are an interesting little subplot. Throughout the episode, I was having a great time trying to figure out what exactly May was. I know that Tilly initially viewed her as a ‘symptom of an unfit mind’, meaning as a stress side-effect, but I was certain that wouldn’t be the case, and that the Network and Dark Matter played a part in it. Tilly’s breakdown in front of Captain Pike was a good way to overtly introduce the concept of her ‘childhood friend’ not being what she seems. What was interesting was that when Stamets and Saru were extracting the entity from Tilly, it said that Tilly was special, and she was its only chance. I look forward to seeing how that arc progresses because it viewing Stamets as a Captain and clearly having an issue with him means we’ll get more development for the Spore Drive.
  • Michael Burnham had some great moments this week. I enjoyed the interplay between her and Captain Pike. I can see a good Captain/subordinate relationship forming between the two as they grow to trust and support each other. Michael’s acceptance of her role in Spock’s not wanting a relationship with her is good, as it shows that she’s human and perfectly capable of making mistakes. That’s important because a perfect lead isn’t as interesting.
  • Spock, a murderer? That’s a turn-up for the books. His mother, Michael and Captain Pike all don’t believe it, but there is the risk that their closeness to him (or in Michael’s case want to be closer to him) may affect their view though. I’m glad that they’re at least accepting that he could have done it once they view the stolen file. The whole side story about Spock’s childhood and how the Vulcan way of life could have played a part in his current situation makes sense. It must raise some questions about the potential risks of inter-species relationships in the series too. It gives us a little more nudging towards the Red Angel too, though we’re still none the wiser as to what it is. My guess is it somehow relates to the Network as that appears to be a focus this season.
  • It’s good to see the Klingon’s back. I was wondering how L’Rell’s ascension to chancellor to would affect them in the long run, especially as it pertains to political clashes with those with differing opinions. Her relationship with Voq/Ash is intriguing but stands in direct opposition to Klingon thinking at the time, sot eh reveal of their son was always going to cause issues. Lots of development in Voq/Ash’s role this week, which is great. His decision as to what do with his son comes across as very human.
  • I was excited when I spotted Michael Yeoh’s name in the opening credits. I loved her character, Phillipa Georgiou. Here, she makes a strong entrance, and we get to see a little of what she’s up to right now. Here’s hoping she drops in a little more often as the season progresses.
  • I know this one got a mixed reception as episodes go, but I did enjoy it. Tilly’s arc is my favourite part so far.

What about yourselves? Are you watch Star Trek Discovery? How are you finding this second season? Let me know in the comments below.

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