The Final 2018 Round-Up: How Did People Find Me?

Today is the final of my 2018 round-up posts, and this time around we’re not looking at a set post category, but instead, looking at how people found the site! So, let’s start with the serious stuff.



This is obvious, but these are the top three sources as far referrers go.

3) Twitter – This one isn’t a surprise as most of my promo work for posts are on there. I try to hit as many social media points as possible, but this is where I’ve historically had the most success, so it remains a focus.

2) WordPress Reader – When you include both the general reader and the app, this comes in second. I actually sort of expected this to be the top referrer this year given the rise in followers, but it’s good to see it doing well.

1) Google – There were plenty of search engines picking me up in 2018, but Google was the biggest by far. I’m going to take that as a sign that I’m doing something right.



Again, this is an obvious one, but these are the top three  countries that stopped by.

3) Canada – Canada are very kind to me in general. My books seems to do well there, possibly helped by having a Chinese-Canadian protagonist, and everybody just seems to be so friendly when I’ve spoken with them. You’re still on future holiday destination list Canada!

2) UK – My home territory, so to speak. This was actually an improvement for me because the UK is somewhere that can be hit or miss for me in terms of traffic. That it stormed up to second this year makes me smile.

1) USA – The Untied States continues to be my main traffic source. This kind of ties in with my social media really, as a lot of the retweets and shares I get seem to be from the USA. On top of that, when I’ve advertised books, it seems to the be the USA that has the highest click-through.



Now we’re getting to the fun bit: the search terms. I’m excluding unknown search terms here. Outside that, there isn’t a huge amount of repetition, with most terms being one-hit things, but there are themes that flow throughout. Regardless though, these three did indeed get multiple search matches.

3) TV shows that help kids learn about the lgbt community – This one made me happy. There were other terms that tied into it, but this was the most used. I’m a big supporter of positive lgbt content in children’s media, so it’s nice to see it being searched for.

2) crunchyroll laying egg – I have no idea what this is. That it found the site multiple times surprises me too as I don’t’ tend to cover egg laying. If you can shed some light on it, please do.

1) amazon – That was a surprise as bar some links, it doesn’t have much relevance. I suppose that most of the book spotlights do contain the word though?



Now, this is the fun bit. Which odd terms pointed people to my site? Let’s have a look:

I’m starting with ‘crunchyroll laying egg’. I know it was up in the list above, but it confuses me.

‘tổng hợp anime hài hước’. This is Vietnamese for ‘synthesis of funny anime’. I don’t know what posts that would have led to, but there you go.

‘keijo miyata nude’. ‘shantae is so ecchi’. ‘boxing day 2018 sex’. ‘fino bloodstone fan service’. ‘anime clothes disappear’. Now, some of these had clear targets. My reviews of Keijo and YUSIBU obviously got them, and I did do some Shantae gaming reviews too. I have now idea where the third one goes. Regardless though, these were sadly going to be disappointed people.

‘anime stomach growl episodes’. Ha! This was so specific. I must have mentioned it in an article somewhere otherwise it doesn’t make sense, but I love how obscure a term it is.

‘アニメ閃乱カグラ壁紙’. This means Animation Senran Kagura Wallpaper. I’ve never covered Senran Kagura. Very strange.

‘encountering female dogmen’. This is interesting because I have noticed that there are more stories where dogmen are described as clearly male than clearly female. If we’re working to the assumption that they’re real, and that they’re a natural creature, it would make sense for there to be females, right?


So, that brings the round-ups to an end. Did you have any fun search terms point to you in 2018? Let me know I the comments below. Otherwise, see you in February for more of a normal run of posts.


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