Top 5 Most Viewed Other Posts In 2018

Today, we’re going to be looking at the top 5 most viewed posts that didn’t fit easily into one of the main categories. It’s a real mixed bunch of topics too. So, let’s get to it. Click the titles to open the posts in a new tab…


5) Versatile Blogger Award

I love these tags. It’s always awesome to get a nomination and I tend to have fun answering the questions therein.


4) E-Mail Scams: The UN Want To Compensate Me

Ah, the scammers. Aren’t they a wonderful bunch? Toying with them is a hobby of mine. This was one such case.


3) E-Mail Scams – Talking To Ibrahim

As was this one. Honestly, the longer they’re tied up with me, the less time they’re spending on other people. Mucking them around is so much fun!


2) Top 3 Scary Things To Come Out Of The Sonic Franchise

This was a tough one to place anywhere as it covers a couple of different areas, hence it ending up in here. I’m really happy with this one, short as it is, so this is a good result I think.


1) Dogman: fact or fiction?

This one keeps popping up, doesn’t it? Dogman is a fascinating creature though, and it was a lot of fun theorizing about what it could be. I’m really proud of the piece too, so I’m glad to see it still getting some love.


But what about yourselves? What was your favourite random post from me in 2018? Let me know in the comments below.


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